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HP Deskjet 1100C, 1120C, 9300, and 1220C Professional Series Color Printers - Using the Cleaning Kit to Maintain Paper Pick Reliablilty

ISSUE: Paper does not feed consistently from the main bottom media tray when printing from the HP Deskjet 1100C, 1120C, 9300, and 1220C series printers.
SOLUTION: Use the HP Deskjet 1100C, 1120C and 1220C Cleaning Kit, C2678-60116, to clean the rollers that pick the paper from the printer's In Tray. The Cleaning Kit can be purchased from the HP Parts Store at URL: Follow the directions below to use the Cleaning Kit.
  1. Peel off the protective layer from one of the 3M Removable Adhesive cleaning sheets.

  2. Load the cleaning sheet into the printer with the arrows facing up and pointing towards the printer.

  3. Press and release the RESUME button once. The printer will pick up the cleaning sheet.

  4. Press the RESUME button again to eject the cleaning sheet.

  5. Repeat Steps 2, 3, and 4 three more times.

  6. Discard the sheet after feeding it through the printer for the fourth time (consecutively). Do not reuse the Cleaning Kit sheet.

    NOTE: Each HP Deskjet 1100C, 1120C and 1220C Cleaning Kit contains three cleaning sheets that can be used periodically to maintain long-term reliability.

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