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HP Pavilion Desktop PCs - Motherboard Jumper Settings for Intel 440ZX/66 and 440ZX/100 Chipsets

The jumper locations and settings differ by computer model, depending on the motherboard installed in the system. This document lists the jumper settings and functions for HP Pavilion desktop PCs with the following features:

  • An Intel Celeron processors running at 366, 433, 466, or 500 MHz

  • with 440ZX/66 or 440ZX/100 chipsets

NOTE: This document contains procedures that are technical. The person performing these procedures should have extensive computer experience working with both hardware and software.

Video jumpers

INT_ EN allows you to set the VGA interrupt method. Some TV tuners or MPEG cards may require the interrupt be assigned by the onboard chipset, in which case INT_ EN must be enabled.

VGAEN allows you to enable or disable the onboard video. Disable onboard video if you are using a video card in an expansion slot.

Figure 1: Interrupt jumper location and settings

1 - VGAEN enabled
2 - VGAEN disabled
3 - INT_EN enabled
4 - INT_EN disabled


Real Time Clock jumpers

The CMOS RAM is powered by the onboard button cell battery. To clear the RTC data:

  1. Unplug the computer.

  2. Short solder points momentarily by using the end of a standard screwdriver.

  3. Turn on the computer.

  4. Hold down F1 during startup and enter the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) setup to re-enter user preferences.

Figure 2: Real Time Clock Clear jumper

1 - RTCCLR solder points


CPU Frequency multiple

The CPU frequency operates at the speed set on the processor.

NOTE: CPU Frequency Multiple settings are not available here because usually Socket 370 processors have locked Frequency Multiples.


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