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HP and Compaq Desktop PCs - BIOS Passwords

This information applies to HP and Compaq desktop computers.

Almost all HP and Compaq consumer desktop computers do not allow power-on passwords. Instead, use a BIOS Lock Supervisor password and Windows Logon password.

You can help prevent someone from accessing the BIOS and making unwanted changes by setting a BIOS Supervisor password (or BIOS Lock). To do this, go to the Advanced page of the BIOS Setup Utility and select Supervisor password (or BIOS Lock) to add or change a password. The setting is usually at the bottom and you might need to scroll. To prevent the Supervisor password screen from appearing, leave all text blank and press Enter when entering a password.

By setting these two password types, BIOS lock and Windows logon, a person who does not know the passwords will not have conventional access to Windows.

NOTE: If a new non-HP BIOS is installed, and a power-on password is used, and you cannot remember the password to start the computer, see the motherboard specification support document for your computer model to find password reset instructions to clear BIOS passwords.

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