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HP Jornada 430/430se Palm-size PC - Troubleshooting Viewing Problems


If you are having trouble viewing your data, the following sections offer possible solutions.


Screen is blank

If the device does not respond when you briefly press the ON button:

  • Make sure your battery cover is locked.

  • Adjust the display contrast. On some devices, the screen can darken or lighten to the point that it appears to be turned off. For information on adjusting contrast, see the user guide.

  • Reset the device. After a full reset, the screen remains blank for approximately 3 seconds after pressing the ON/OFF button.

  • Charge the main battery by connecting to AC power.


Screen is dark

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause your device screen to temporarily darken. This is normal for liquid-crystal display (LCD) screens and is not permanent.


Screen is hard to read

The display can be hard to read if the HP Jornada 430/430se palm-size computer has been off for a long time. The display returns to normal after using it for about one minute.

  • If you are having a hard time viewing a Note Taker document, try changing the size of the view. To do this, tap the Zoom arrow on the command bar and select a zoom percentage.

  • If you are having a hard time viewing Calendar, Tasks, or Contacts data, try enlarging the display font. To do this within Calendar, Tasks, or Contacts: tap Tools, Options, and then select Use large font.


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