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HP 48gx Calculator - Overview and Features

Product overview

The 48gx is the most powerful RPN graphing calculator available. Its memory and functions are expandable with plug-in cards.


Product features

The 48gx is customizable with plug-in cards. The memory may be expanded from 128KB up to 1280 KB, and a great variety of third-party applications are available.

  • The 48gx's built-in equation library contains more than 300 scientific and engineering equations.

  • Object-oriented programming helps create applications quickly and easily.

  • HP MatrixWriter application assists in viewing, entering, and manipulating arrays.

  • HP EquationWriter application shows equations and formulas just as they would appear in a textbook or on paper.

  • HP Solve application solves for any variable without rewriting the equation.

  • Infrared Communications sends files between HP 48g/gx calculators and to the infrared printer (printer optional).

  • Optional Connectivity Kit connects the HP 48gx to a Mac or PC.


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