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HP LaserJet 5000/5100 Printer Family - Tray 2/250 Sheet Tray Roller and Separation Pad Replacement Guide

Safety information

WARNING: Unplug the power cord from the power outlet before attempting to service the printer. If this warning is not followed, severe injury may result.


Tools required

Flat head screw driver


Parts needed

Part Description
Part Numbers
Pick-up roller
Separation pad



NOTE: Read the complete set of instructions before proceeding with step one.
  1. Turn the printer off. (Refer to Figure 1)

    Figure 1: Power button location

  2. Unplug the power cord and disconnect any cables. See Figure 4.

    1. If there is a duplexer assembly, remove rear section. Make sure the rear of the printer easily accessible by removing objects or rotating the printer. Slide the rear section of the duplexer away from the printer, refer to Figure 2.

      Figure 2: Sliding the duplexer away from the printer

    2. Remove the rear section of the duplexer by lifting and rotating the rear section to clear all of the tabs in the grooves, refer to Figure 3.

      Figure 3: Removing the rear section of the duplexer

      Figure 4: Unplugging the power cord and cables

    3. Remove the cable tray by lifting straight up and out of position, refer to Figure 5.

      Figure 5: Removing the cable tray

  3. Prepare the printer and 250-sheet feeder.

    1. Separate the printer from the accessories by lifting it straight up.

      WARNING: Because the printer can weigh between 23 kilograms and 52 kilograms (50 pounds and 114 pounds, respectively), make sure two people help lift the printer.
    2. If the 250-sheet feeder roller is being replaced, isolate the feeder from the printer and any other accessories.

    3. Remove the paper tray from the 250-sheet feeder and/or printer.

    4. Tilt the printer and/or 250-sheet feeder backwards, with the front facing up at an angle. Be careful when propping up the printer. Make sure it is stable, secure, and safe.

      CAUTION: Before tilting the printer backwards, make sure proper bracing is in place to prevent injury or damage to the printer.
  4. Replace the roller.

    1. As shown in Figure 6, depress the tab (Callout 1) on the right-side cam (Callout 2), and slide the cam and the bushing (Callout 3) to the right.

    2. Rotate the D-Roller 180° (one-half revolution) and remove it from the shaft.

      Figure 6: Tray 2 / 250-sheet Tray roller (bottom view)

    3. To install the new roller, orient the pin on the D-roller so that it lines up with the hole on the right side of the cam. Slide the cam toward the left until the tab snaps into place.

  5. Replacing the separation pad

    1. Remove any paper from the 250-sheet tray.

    2. Locate the separation pad in the front of the tray, refer to Figure 7.

      Figure 7: Separation Pad

    3. Press down on the paper lifting metal plate to access the separation pad mounting brackets.

    4. Wedge the flat blade screwdriver between the locking tab and the plastic housing of the tray. Refer to Figure 8. Disengage the separation pad by twisting. Lift the separation pad up from the tray and remove.

      Figure 8: Removal of the Separation Pad

    5. Insert the new separation pad onto the tray.

  6. Re-install printer

    1. Slide the 250-sheet paper tray into the printer and/or the 250-sheet feeder.

    2. Place the printer and/or 250-sheet feeder on top of accessories if applicable. Make sure two people are used to lift the printer.

    3. If an optional duplexer is installed, reattach the cable tray and the rear section of the duplexer. Reattach any interfacing cables and the power cord.


Printer weights

NOTE: The following printer weights do not include the toner cartridge. Depending on the source of information, this may or may not be correct.
  • HP LaserJet 5000 printer: 23 kilograms (50 pounds)

  • HP LaserJet 5000N and 5000 GN printers: 34 kilograms (75 pounds)

  • HP LaserJet 5000N and 5000 GN printers with duplexer and optional 250-sheet feeder: 52 kilograms (114 pounds)

  • HP LaserJet 5000DN bundle: 43 kg (95 pounds).


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