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HP Color LaserJet and LaserJet Family Printers - Conversion Formula for Decimal Millimeters to Fractional Inches

ISSUE: The formula to convert decimal measurements in millimeters to fractional inches.
SOLUTION: In order to use a normal ruler to make a measurement, 1.5 mm will need to be converted to fractional inches (in the 1/32 range) using the following formula. For example:


  • mm = Millimeters

  • 32 = the fractional inch found on the ruler which is 1/32 (could use 1/4,1/16, or 1/64, which would change this numeric value to 4, 16, or 64, respectively)

  • 25 = a constant of 25mm to the inch


  • (mm / 25) x 32 = inches in 32nds


  • 5mm/25 = .06 of an inch

.06 x 32 = 1.92, which is 1.92/32, or could be rounded to 2/32

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