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HP LaserJet 1200 Series Product - Printer Light Patterns

This document lists the basic error code lights that may occur on the control panel of the HP LaserJet 1200 series printers and the basic troubleshooting strategies to resolve them. For a demonstration of the control panel error lights, run the control panel simulator.

Accessing control panel simulator

After software installation

If the control panel simulator was installed during the printer software installation, select Start , Programs , HP LaserJet 1200 then Control Panel Simulator .

From the software CD-ROM

  1. Insert the CD into the PC CD-ROM drive.

  2. Select Start , Run , then Browse .

  3. Locate and double-click x:\English\docs\cpemulator.exe (where x:\ refers to the drive letter for the CD-ROM drive).

Figure 1: Control panel buttons

1 - Go button
2 - Ready light
3 - Attention light

Control panel lights legend

Light off
Light on
Light blinking


Basic control panel messages

Type of error
Light pattern
Recommended action
No power - The printer is not connected to a power supply.
Plug the printer into a power supply.
If the printer lights do not turn on, contact HP.
Ready - The printer is ready to print.
No action is necessary.
To print a configuration/self-test page, press and release the GO button on the printer control panel.
Processing - The printer is receiving or processing data.
Wait for the job to print.
Manual feed - The printer is in manual feed mode.
Verify that the correct media is loaded.
To continue printing, press and release the GO button.
To turn off the manual feed mode, change the printer property setting. See the "Printer properties " section in the User's Guide for more information.
Out of Memory - the printer is out of memory.
The page currently printing might be too complex for the printer memory.
To continue printing, press and release the GO button.
The printer might print a partial page, or the quality might be lower than normal. Lower the resolution. See the "Understanding print quality settings " section in the User's Guide .
Add more memory. See the "Memory " section in the User's Guide .
General error (door open, media out, no print cartridge, or media jam) - The printer is in an error state that requires operator intervention or help.
Check that the print cartridge door is completely closed.
Load media into the correct input tray.
Check that the print cartridge is correctly installed in the printer.
Clear any media jammed in the printer paper path.
Remove and reinstall paper into the input tray to ensure that it is loaded correctly.
If all of the steps above are verified and the error will not clear, remove the paper tray and press on the black paper sensor located to the right of the separation pad.
Verify that the printer returns to the ready state. If it does not return to the ready state, contact HP.
Printer initialization/Cancel Job/Cleaning mode - A printer initialization is taking place. If all lights blink for .5 of a second or longer in a sequence, refer to the following:
  • The printing is initializing.
  • All previously sent print jobs are being deleted from the printer memory.
  • A cleaning page is being printed.
No action is necessary.
Fatal error - The printer has a fatal error. All lights are on.
Turn the printer off and then back on.
Unplug the printer for five minutes, plug it back in, and turn it on.
If the printer still has an error, contact HP support.
Accessory error - The printer has an accessory error. All lights are blinking. All lights are blinking, no paper jam, sensors tripped, and print cartridge reseated.
Remove the DIMM and reseat it.
If the printer still has an error, replace the DIMM.
Unplug the power, reseat the paper tray, and reattach the power cable.


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