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HP LaserJet 1200 and 1220 Series Printers - Ordering Parts, Supplies, and Accessories

This document contains information and instructions for obtaining parts, supplies, and accessories for use with the HP LaserJet 1200 and 1220 series products.

NOTE: To order parts, supplies, and accessories, contact the nearest authorized HP dealer or reseller. Click here to obtain ordering information and a list of dealer phone numbers. (, or refer to the User’s Guide that came with the HP product.
NOTE: Parts and accessories are available by ordering from the following:
Parts and Accessories
Part number
Supplies and Accessories
Printer memory
Synchronous dynamic random-access memory (SDRAM) dual in-line memory module (DIMM)
8 MB: C7842A
16 MB: C7843A
32 MB: C7845A
64 MB: Q1887A
Printing supplies
HP LaserJet print cartridge
C7115A: 2,500 page cartridge
C7115X: 3,500 page cartridge (only available through HP Parts store at )
Cables and interface accessories
NOTE: Unit does not ship with either a parallel or USB cable.
HP LaserJet IEEE-1284 A to B parallel cable (connects the product to the computer)
C2950A (2 meters A to B)
C2951A (3 meters A to B)
USB cable A to B (for connecting USB PC ports to printer)
C6518A (2 meters A to B)
Power cord, US/Canada
Replacement parts
Paper pickup tray assembly - Main input tray (holds media for the printer)
Paper pickup cover assembly - Priority input tray (feeds special media or for printing a first page)
Paper pickup tray assembly - Scanner input tray (feeds documents in to the scanner)
Face down tray assembly - Scanner output bin (collects documents after scanning)
Connector cover - Copy/scan access panel (allows access to the I/O board for attaching the copier/scanner to the printer)
HP LaserJet 1200 Copy/Scan attachment
(Engine, P1020 Scanner)
C7045-69001 (restored unit)
Left cover or side panel (allows access to the I/O board)
Scanner separation pad kit (keeps multiple sheets from feeding through the printer path)
Printer separation pad assembly (keeps multiple sheets from feeding through the printer path)
Printer pickup roller (picks paper from the paper input tray and advances it through the printer)
HP Jetdirect print servers (connects the HP LaserJet printer to a network)
70x (J4155A) (obsolete - discontinued)
170x (J3258C)
175x (J6035D)
300x (J3263A)
500x BNC, 10 Base-T, 10/100 Base-TX (J3265A)
500x Token Ring (J3264A)
Printing supplies
HP Multipurpose paper
HP25011 - High bright, 75 g/m2, 216 x 279 mm (20 lb, 8.5 x 11 inches)
HP LaserJet paper (Premium HP brand paper for use with HP LaserJet printers)
HPJ1124 (letter)
Transparencies (HP brand transparency film for use with HP LaserJet monochrome printers)
92296T (letter)
Part number
HP Jetdirect print servers
User's Guide
Available in product box
Available for download at
Supplementary documentation
Getting Started Guide
HP LaserJet Printer Family - Print Media Guide (a guide for using paper and other print media in HP LaserJet printers)
NOTE: More information for ordering additional HP LaserJet supported paper and other print media can be found at the HP Business Store LaserJet Paper and Transparencies Web site .

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