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HP LaserJet 9000, 9040mfp, and 9050mfp Series Printers - 13.11.09 and 13.11.10 Jam in Input Accessory Control Panel Error Message After Paper Jam in 2000 Sheet Input Tray 4

Document number bpl11818

ISSUE: When printing from Tray 4, the printer displays a 13.11.09 Jam in Input Accessory message on the control panel. After clearing the paper jam from the vertical registration assembly or VRA (also called Tray 4 Registration Assembly) in Tray 4, the printer now displays a 13.11.10 error message that will not clear. Figure 1 shows the VRA in the open position; Call-out 1 is the VRA sensor

Figure 1: Vertical registration assembly (VRA)

1 - VRA sensor

CAUSE: The sensor, shown in Figure 2, is stuck in the UP position, or the spring that attaches the sensor to the sensor housing has been stretched so it will not return the sensor to the correct position or it has come off completely (see the small yellow highlight in Figure 1 for spring location).

Figure 2: Close up of sensor in the VRA that can get stuck

SOLUTION: In most cases, this sensor can be pushed back into place. The sensor is held in place by two "claws" that can pull out of place when paper is forcefully removed from the vertical registration assembly (VRA). Using a pen cap or a similar instrument, push the sensor back in until it snaps into place.

There is also a small spring attached to the sensor on the left side that attaches to the sensor housing (refer to yellow highlight area for location of spring). If the spring is stretched out or not in place, the sensor will not spring back into place. Reconnect the spring if one end is off. If it is stretched so the sensor will not snap into position, the VRA will have to be replaced.

In the event that the sensor cannot be pushed back into place or it is damaged, the vertical registration assembly (VRA) will need to be replaced

NOTE: If the error condition cannot be cleared but the printer still needs to be used, unplug Tray 4 and power cycle the printer. It should come to a READY status and work properly. However, Tray 4 will not be usable. Print jobs will temporarily need to be printed from the other trays.

Contact HP?

If the issue is unresolved, click here to contact HP support ( and provide them with the following information:

  • Document number BPL11818 used for troubleshooting and a brief problem description to assist HP support in resolving the issue.

  • After performing the troubleshooting steps outlined in this document does the printer still boot up to a 13.11.09 or 13.11.10 error message?

  • Is the printer now displaying a different error message? If so what is it specifically?

  • Is the VRA sensor or spring damaged?

  • If the error condition cannot be cleared, after unplugging Tray 4 and power cycling the printer does it come to a READY status and print properly from the other trays?

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