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HP LaserJet 1150 and 1300 Series Printers - Canceling a Print Job

Canceling a print job

A print job for the HP LaserJet 1150 and 1300 series printers can be canceled from a software program or a print queue.

To stop the printer immediately, remove the remaining paper from the printer. After the printer stops, use one of the options in the following table.

Steps for canceling the print job
Printer control panel
Press and release the Go button on the printer control panel.
Software program
Typically, a dialog box appears briefly on the screen. Cancel the print job from the dialog box.
Windows (R) print queue
If a print job is waiting in a print queue (computer memory) or print spooler, delete the job there. Go to the Printer screen in Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition (Me), Windows 2000, and Windows XP. Click Start , click Settings , and then click Printers . Double-click the HP LaserJet 1150 or the HP LaserJet 1300 icon to open the window, select the print job, select the File menu and click Cancel All Documents .
Print Center (Mac OS X)
Double-click the Printer Center icon in the Dock to open the print queue. Highlight the print job and then click Delete .
Desktop print queue (Mac OS)
Double-click the printer icon in the Finder to open the printer queue. Highlight the print job and click Trash .

If the status lights on the control panel continue to blink after a print job has been canceled, the computer is still sending the job to the printer. Either delete the job from the print queue or wait until the computer finishes sending data. The printer will return to the Ready state.

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