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HP Designjet 750C and 755CM Printers - Out of Memory with PostScript Files

ISSUE: Running out memory when printing PostScript files, and the printer has 20 MB of memory?
SOLUTION: The only solution is to make the file size smaller, or use the Windows HP-RTL printer driver.
NOTE: The only type of information that can be ‘plotted on the fly’ or which the printer can plot and receive at the same time is HP-RTL. This is because an HP-RTL file is already rasterized, therefore the information is in order and the printer does not need to do any processing on that file. This means that the amount of memory in the printer does not matter when plotting a true HP-RTL file; the printer will not run out of memory.
CAUSE: The amount of memory the printer uses to process a file is not directly proportional to the original size of the file. The printer might need 20 MB to process 3 MB worth of information. There are two conversions that take place before a plot can be printed at the printer:
  • Plot starts out as a drawing file (.dwg for AutoCAD). The printer driver processes the .dwg file into information that the printer understands. The amount of this information can be seen by plotting to a file and observing the size of the file (.plt file at this point).
  • The printer takes this plot information (it is now in the HPGL/2 format or PostScript format) and rasterizes it. It is building a picture of the plot in its memory. It must do this so that it is sure to plot the drawing complete from top to bottom. It has to receive the whole thing because if it starts plotting and then receives some information that belonged to a portion of the plot that has already gone through the printer, that information would be left out. Once the file is completely rasterized in the printer, meaning it has received all the information and has built the picture, it starts to plot.

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