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HP Designjet 500 and 800 Series Printers - Ink System Error Messages

Printhead use

The minimum Printhead life expectancy is anticipated to be 530cc for the Black Printhead and 200cc for the Color Printheads, provided that the Printheads are used under normal operating conditions (using HP Ink Cartridges only) and the “install before date” has not lapsed. Results vary, depending on the print quality setting being used.


Printhead replacement

In a normal situation, the Printhead should only be replaced when advised by the Printer. If print quality is poor, the first step should always be to perform the Troubleshooting procedure, which uses various levels of recovery actions to determine whether the Printhead needs replacing.


Printhead error messages

There are 3 error message displays that indicate the need to replace the Printheads:

Printhead Error message.

When the message in Figure 1 appears, the Printer has determined that one of the Printheads has experienced a problem and should be replaced. Figure 1 shows the display, indicating which printhead has a problem.

Figure 1: Printhead Error message

Printhead Error (unknown) message.

When this message appears, one of the Printheads has experienced a problem but the Printer does not know which one it is. Figure 2 shows the display, in which question marks are placed over printheads suspected of having a problem.

Figure 2: Printhead Error (unknown) message

In order to identify and replace the failing Printhead, try the following:

  1. Select replace Printheads from the front panel.

  2. Open the Carriage cover and remove all the Printheads.

  3. Reinsert the Cyan Printhead only and close the Carriage cover and the Window.

  4. Check the front panel - if the status of the Cyan Printhead is "X" or "?", the conclusion is that the Cyan Printhead is faulty and must be replaced. If the status of the Cyan Printhead is OK the conclusion is that the Cyan Printhead is working correctly. Repeat the process from step 1 for the other Printheads to identify which Printhead is failing.

Printhead Warning message.

When the message in Figure 3 appears, the Printer has determined that one of the Printheads has worn out and should be replaced. This message normally appears when you check the status of the Printheads by selecting the Ink Menu. Figure 3 shows the display, which indicates the worn Printhead with an "! "

Figure 3: Printhead Warning message

The Printer normally determines this when:

  • The Printhead Alignment fails due to a faulty Printhead. The Printer tries to recover the Printhead (up to 3 times) but is not successful after the 4th attempt at the Printhead Alignment (or if the recovery process or the Printhead Alignments are cancelled).

  • The Troubleshooting process is performed but the Printer cannot recover the failing Printhead even after performing the maximum recovery action.

    NOTE: Use of the Printer may continue when the Printhead Warning message is displayed, but the maximum print quality will not be achieved unless the worn Printhead is replaced.


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