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HP Designjet 500 Printer - How to Configure AutoCAD 14 to use the ADI Driver


ADI driver installation for the HP Designjet 500 series printers is different than that of other HP Designjet printers. Follow the instructions below to correctly configure a Designjet 500 or 500PS for use in AutoCAD 14.

  1. Close AutoCAD.

  2. Begin by installing the Windows System Driver. Use the MacroInstaller shipped with the printer, or the Add Printer Wizard in windows (Start , Settings , Printers ).

  3. Following successful installation of the windows driver, open AutoCAD.

  4. Add the HP Designjet 500 via Tools , Preferences , Printers , New .

  5. A dialog box should appear that allows the correct ADI Driver to be chosen. It should be the Hewlett Packard HP-GL/2 devices, ADI 4.3 – for AutoDesk by HP as shown below.

    Figure 1: AutoCAD 14 add a printer window

  6. After selecting Hewlett-Packard HP-GL/2 devices.ADI 4.3 - for Autodesk by HP , an AutoCAD text window will open displaying many Designjet models.

  7. Two options will be displayed for the HP Designjet 500 printer as shown below.

  8. Two different choices for the 500 series printer can be made (HP Designjet 500 + HP-GL/2 Card, or HP Designjet 500).

    NOTE: HP Designjet 500 models (500 and 500ps) without an optional HP-GL/2 accessory card (correctly installed), must use the HP Designjet 500 driver and not the + HP-GL/2 Card driver.

    Figure 2: Printer selections in AutoCAD text window

  9. After selecting the correct Windows System Driver (associated number may change), the installation will follow the same path as the other Designjets and the ADI Driver can now be used for printing to the Designjet 500 series printer.

HP Config differences between Designjet 500 series with HP-GL/2 card and without

When using the HP config option for the two Designjets 500 models there are only two differences. Directly at the HP config dialog box there is the difference in that the optimized memory option cannot be used with the Designjet 500 without an HP-GL/2 card (shown in Figures 3 and 4 below).

Figure 3: HP Designjet 500 config window

Figure 4: HP Designjet 500 + HP-GL/2 Card config window

Another difference can be found under the Media Orientation section. The HP Designjet 500 + HP-GL/2 card as the normal four media orientation options, while the HP Designjet 500 Base printer has eight media orientation options.

Figure 5: HP Designjet 500 + HP-GL/2 Card media orientation screen

Figure 6: HP Designjet 500 media orientation screen

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