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HP Designjet 100 Printer Series - Return, Exchange, and Repair Procedures

Preparing the printer for replacement or service

Before returning a printer for repair or replacement, remove the following parts:

  • Remove all of the printer accessories and cables.

  • Remove all of the ink supplies.

  • Remove all of the trays.

  • Remove the cleanout.

CAUTION: Make sure to unplug the printer before removing the HP Jetdirect print server.

Receiving a replacement print engine

The replacement print engine does not come with any of the following parts or accessories:

  • Ink cartridges

  • Printheads

  • Stand and legs

  • USB cable

  • Power cord

  • Input tray

  • Output tray

  • Network card

  • Clean-out assembly

NOTE: A screwdriver is included with the replacement printer in case the printer will be attached to a stand.


Initializing the printer after exchange

A replacement printer will operate as a new printer. When initializing the printer for the first time, expect the following to occur:

  • The printer will prompt for printheads and ink cartridges.

  • The ink tubes will purge (ink will be used in this process).

  • A printhead alignment will run.


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