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HP Photosmart 7150 Printer - Using the Printer Toolbox


The HP Photosmart Printer Toolbox can be used to calibrate and clean the printer and ink cartridges, print a test page, and view the onscreen User’s Guide . Access the HP Toolbox from the printer Properties , the Windows Start menu, or the HP Photosmart printer icon located on the Taskbar.

Use the HP Toolbox to perform the following tasks

  • Calibrate the printer to align the print cartridges.

  • Clean the print cartridges when lines and dots are missing from your printout.

  • Print a test page to check for clarity after cleaning or to verify that the printer can receive data and print from the computer correctly.

  • Print a diagnostic page to show how the print cartridge nozzles are working.

    NOTE: It is only necessary to print a diagnostic page if instructed to do so by HP Services and Support.
  • Check the ink levels of the print cartridges.

  • Adjust the printer’s configuration.

  • Investigate warning conditions.

Opening the HP Toolbox from the printer icon

  1. Right-click the HP Photosmart taskbar icon.

  2. Select Open Toolbox .

  3. Click the tabs at the top of the Toolbox to make the desired tasks.

Opening the HP Toolbox from the Printer Properties

  1. Click Start .

  2. Click Settings .

  3. Click Printers .

  4. Right-click the icon of the printer in use.

  5. Click Properties .

  6. Click the Services tab

  7. Click Open the HP Photosmart Toolbox .

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