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HP Deskjet 900 Series Printers - Using the Estimated Ink Level Indicator Tab in the Printer Toolbox


This document provides details about the HP Deskjet 900 series printers Estimated Ink Level indicator. Opens this tool by opening the printer Toolbox and clicking the Estimated Ink Level tab.

Figure 1: HP Deskjet 970c series toolbar, Estimated Ink Level tab

Estimated Ink Level tab

Use the Toolbox and the Estimated Ink Level tab to see the approximate amount of ink that is still available for printing.

Color print cartridge
Shows the color print cartridge ink level.
Black ink cartridge
Shows the black print cartridge ink level.
Ordering information
Shows the print cartridge part numbers and online ordering information.
NOTE: Right-click any item on the Estimated Ink Level tab to view Help screens related to that item.

Low ink warning

When either the black or color cartridge begins to run low on ink, a message appears on the monitor. This Low Ink Warning appears on the screen before a print job starts. One of two different screens appears, depending on which cartridge is low on ink. The following are examples of these messages:

  • Black print cartridge low on ink.

  • The black print cartridge in your printer is low on ink.

  • Consider having a replacement cartridge available.

A visual indication of ink level appears on the left side of the screen.

A button labeled Ordering Information appears in the middle of the screen. Clicking this button activates a link to cartridge ordering information.

The screen contains two other buttons: OK and Cancel Print.

  • When you click OK (message received), the screen closes, and then the printer completes the print job.

  • When you click Cancel Print, the screen closes, and then the print job is cancelled. The user can change the cartridge before starting a new printing job.

The function of the Low Ink Warning is to provide additional information about printer status.

  • Provides information about the life of the cartridges.

  • Enables the user to maintain optimal print quality.

  • Prevents the user from unexpectedly running out of ink.

  • Allows the user to continue to print.

  • Can appear up to three times. Then, the user is responsible for replacing the cartridge.

Ink level detection operation

When a cartridge is replaced, the printer detects the new cartridge and automatically invokes the pen alignment (print a page) process.

  • The Ink Level indicator system detects the correct level for the new cartridge.

  • You might want to exchange an old pen and a fresh new pen to switch between draft and final copy production.

  • In the event that the old cartridge is returned to the printer, to use the remaining ink, the system ink counters remember the previous cartridge and reflect the correct ink level for the old cartridge.

  • The printer remembers only a current and a previous cartridge (two maximum) in order of installation.

  • The printer remembers two black and two color cartridges.

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