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HP Color LaserJet Series Printers - HP ImageREt 2400 Color Printing Technology


HP ImageREt 2400 is a technology that provides the best color print quality without having to change driver settings or make trade-offs among print quality, performance, and memory. The technology produces photorealistic images on HP Color LaserJet series printers.

HP ImageREt 2400

ImageREt 2400 is an HP developed technology that provides 2,400 dots per inch (dpi) color laser class quality through a multi-level printing process that controls color by combining up to four colors within a single dot and by varying the amount of toner in a given area. as a result, ImageREt 2400, together with the 600 x 600 engine resolution, creates millions of smooth colors, sharp images, and crisp text.

ImageREt 2400 provides the following:

  • ImageREt 2400 enables automatically achieving color print quality without any intervention.
  • ImageREt 2400 provides quality output without any reduction in print speed.
  • ImageREt 2400 uses the standard amount of printer memory.

In contrast, the single-level printing process found in the default mode of other color laser printers does not allow the colors to be mixed within a single dot. This process, called dithering, significantly hinders the ability to create a wide range of colors without reduced sharpness or visible dot structure.

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