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HP Deskjet 3000 Series Printers - Cleaning and Maintaining the Printer


This document explains how to clean and maintain HP Deskjet 3000 series printers. Since this document contains instructions, it may be advisable to print it.

Printer exterior

Inkjet printers, print by spraying a fine mist of ink from the print head onto the paper. In some situations, small amounts of ink from the printing process may be deposited on the printer case and become visible over time. If this situation occurs, the exterior of the printer can be cleaned with a clean, lint-free soft cloth, moistened with clean water to remove ink deposits, dust, smudges, and fingerprints. Soap and cleaning detergents are not necessary and should not be used. Do not use harsh household cleaners as they may damage the finish on the printer case.

Printer interior

All inkjet printers produce a small amount of ink residue that may build up inside the printer. This is normal. There is no need to clean this residue. Alcohol or other cleaners may damage the HP Deskjet printer and should not be used. Cleaning the interior of the printer should be limited to cleaning only the print cartridges. Do not clean anything else inside the printer unless specifically instructed to do so. Be careful not to touch the carriage rod or the encoder strip. Keep all liquids away from the inside of the printer.

CAUTION: Do not clean or lubricate the carriage rod. Cleaning or lubricating the rod may reduce its life. The ink present on the rod will not hinder the operation of the product. It is normal to hear noise when the cradle moves back and forth.

Correcting missing lines or dots

Clean the HP Inkjet print cartridges when lines or dots are missing from printed text and graphics. The missing lines and dots will appear as white lines throughout the text and graphics. This may be caused by the spray nozzles being clogged or by the cartridge running out of ink. If the inkjet print cartridge is running out of ink, replace the cartridge. If it is not low on ink, try the cleaning process found in the HP Deskjet Printer Assistant.
  1. Double-click the 3xxx Printer Assistant icon on the Desktop of the computer.

  2. Click Utilities or Tools and Updates .

  3. Click Printer Maintenance .

  4. Click Clean Cartridges .

  5. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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