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HP LaserJet 1010, 1012, and 1015 Printers - Changing the Print Cartridge


This document provides information about replacing the print cartridge for the HP LaserJet 1010 printer series, including life expectancy and replacement instructions.

Print cartridge life expectancy

The life of the print cartridge depends on the amount of toner that your print jobs require. When printing text on letter/A4-size paper at five percent coverage, the print cartridge lasts an average of 2,000 pages. This assumes that you set the print density to three and disable EconoMode. (These are the default settings.) See Ordering supplies for information on ordering replacement print cartridges.

Changing the print cartridge

Follow the below instructions to change the print cartridge:

  1. Open the print cartridge door, and remove the old print cartridge. See the recycling information inside the print cartridge box.

    Figure 1: Removing old print cartridge

    CAUTION: To prevent damage, do not expose the print cartridge to light. Cover it with a piece of paper.
  2. Remove the new print cartridge from the packaging, and gently shake it from side to side to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge.

    Figure 2: Gently shaking new print cartridge

  3. Pull the tab until all the tape is removed from the print cartridge. Put the tab in the print cartridge box to return for recycling.

    Figure 3: Removing tape from print cartridge

  4. Insert the print cartridge in the printer, making sure that the print cartridge is in position. Close the print cartridge door.

    Figure 4: Inserting new print cartridge

    CAUTION: If toner gets on your clothing, wipe it off with a dry cloth and wash the clothing in cold water. Hot water sets toner into the fabric.

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