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HP Digital Senders - Troubleshooting LDAP Using Softerra LDAP Browser 2.2


You may have to enter the username as either domain\username or username@domain.domainsuffix to get addressing to work in Active Directory when multiple users containers are present.

Domain\username works for Softerra, so you should be able to verify whether or not the account used to do the LDAP lookup truly has the rights to read the LDAP data when the search root is set to the domain root - DC=domain,DC=domainsuffix. If you can do a search using Softerra, you should be able to get the HP Digital Sender addressing to work.

  1. Open Softerra and create a new profile that points to an Active Directory Domain controller.

  2. Set the base DN to the top of the AD tree (for example, DC=hp, DC=com).
  3. Leave Anonymous unchecked.

  4. On the Credentials page, enter the user's name and password (either domain\username or username@domain.domainsuffix).
  5. On the LDAP settings page, select Next .

  6. Select the high-level container in the tree view on the left window of Softerra.
  7. Select Tools , then Directory Search from the menu.

  8. Enter the following string in the search query

    (&(objectclass=person)(cn=<beginning of someone's name>*))

    For example: (&(objectclass=person)(cn=beck*))

    or: (&(objectclass=person)(cn=brett*))

    depending on the order of the CN field, first last or last, first.

  9. Enter the base DN, and leave the attributes field blank.

This query should return names that begin with the string that you have entered.

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