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HP Business Inkjet 1100 Series Printer - Driver Installation in Windows

The following methods can be used to install the printer software in Windows:

  • Using the Installer on the Starter CD

  • Using the Microsoft New Hardware Found wizard

  • Using the Add Printer Wizard

Before installing the printer software on a computer running Windows XP 64-bit, download the printer software from Non-HP site .

It is recommended to install the printer software before connecting the printer. Physically connect the printer only when prompted by the Installer.

Installing the printer software with the Starter CD on a parallel/USB port

The printer software can be installed with the Starter CD by completing the following steps:

  1. For Windows 95/98/Me, start Windows and ensure that no other programs are running by following the steps below:

    1. On the keyboard, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to retrieve the Close Program window.

    2. Highlight any program in the list (except Explorer and Systray) and select End Task .

    3. Repeat the previous steps until all programs (except Explorer and Systray) are closed.

    4. Once the list shows only Explorer and Systray, select Cancel to close the Close Program window.

  2. For Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP, start Windows and ensure that no other programs are running by following the steps below:

    1. Right-click any program appearing on the Taskbar next to the Start button and click Close .

    2. Repeat the previous step until all the programs appearing on the Taskbar are closed.

  3. Insert the Starter CD in the CD-ROM drive. The System Setup wizard runs automatically. If the System Setup wizard does not run automatically, click Start and then the Run menu. Type <CD ROM drive>:\SETUP in the command line box. For example, type D:\SETUP if "D" is the letter for the CD-ROM drive.

  4. Click Install Printer Driver from the CD Browser menu.

  5. Click OK after selecting the language for installing the printer software, from the Choose Setup Language dialog box.

  6. Click Next at the Welcome screen.

  7. Click Next to install the printer directly to the computer.

  8. Select the connector type and then click Next .

  9. Click Typical Installation to install the most common drivers and components. Click Next .

  10. Select the checkbox I agree to do auto upload to let myPrintMileage Agent send printer usage information to the myPrintMileage Web site, where the printer usage analysis can be viewed.

  11. Click Next to proceed to the next step.

  12. Specify a name for the printer in the Printer Name text box and then click Next .

  13. If the printer needs to be shared, then click the Share as radio button and specify a share name. Otherwise, go to the next step by clicking Next .

  14. Select the additional drivers that need to be installed and then click Next . These additional drivers help automatic driver downloads for clients with different operating systems.

  15. Specify the physical location of the printer in the Location text box and then click Next .

  16. Click Install to begin the installation.

  17. Click Finish to complete the installation of the printer software.

Installing using Microsoft's New Hardware Found Wizard

If the USB cable is connected to the ports on the computer and the printer before installing the printer software, the Found New Hardware wizard appears on the computer screen. Follow the instructions below to complete the installation:
NOTE: The operating system enables The New Hardware Found Wizard when a USB device (for Windows 98 and above) or a Parallel device (Windows XP) is connected to the system. Except for Windows NT, all other operating systems from Microsoft support the plug and play feature. HP recommends a software first installation.
  1. Click Next in the Found New Hardware wizard.

  2. Click Search for the best driver for the device and then click Next .

  3. Insert the Starter CD into the CD-ROM drive. If the CD menu appears, click Exit twice to close the CD menu.

  4. Select Specify a location . Click Browse to locate the installation files depending on the operating system and then click OK .

  5. Click Next . Follow the instructions on the screen.

  6. Click Next and then click Finish .

Installing the printer software using the Add Printer Wizard

The printer can be installed using the Add Printer method by completing the following steps:

  1. Click Start , point to Settings , and then click Printers to open the Printers window.

  2. Double-click the Add Printer icon to open the Add Printer Wizard.

  3. In the Add Printer Wizard, click Next .

  4. Click Next again to select a local printer. Make sure that the Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play checkbox is unchecked .

  5. Select LPT1 as the printer port and then click Next .

  6. In the following screen, click Have Disk .

  7. Locate the driver INF file by clicking Browse .

  8. Browse to the INF file of the specified operating system. In this case, browse to the SETUP , DRIVERS , PCL3 , WIN2K_XP , and ENGLISH folder to select the HPF1100K.INF file. Click Open to select the file.

  9. Click OK to copy the INF file.

  10. Click hp business inkjet 1100 series and click Next .

  11. In the next screen, type the name of the printer, click the Yes radio button to make it the default printer, and then click Next .

  12. For the printer to be shared, type a Share as: name and then click Next .

  13. Specify the location of the printer and then click Next . This information is used to specify the physical location of the printer.

  14. Click the Yes radio button to print a test page and then click Next .

  15. Click Finish to complete the Add Printer Wizard installation.

Testing the installation

Print a test page to test the installation of the printer.

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