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HP iPAQ Pocket PC h1900 Series - Using Pocket Internet Explorer


Use Pocket Internet Explorer (Pocket IE) to view Web or WAP pages on the HP iPAQ Pocket PC by downloading pages while connected to the Internet or through synchronization. While browsing, files and programs can be downloaded to the HP iPAQ Pocket PC.

NOTE: For more information, tap Start , Help , then Pocket Internet Explorer .


Using Pocket IE when connected

With Pocket IE, mobile browsing is possible when connected to the Internet.

  1. Tap Start .

  2. Tap Internet Explorer .

    NOTE: Use the pre-installed links that HP has provided to access content and services that are optimized for the HP iPAQ Pocket PC.
  3. Enter the URL address in the address bar at the top of the screen (if the address bar is not visible, tap View , then Address Bar ).

  4. Tap Go .


Using Pocket IE when disconnected

With Pocket IE, browse previously viewed and stored information when disconnected from the Internet. This information can be viewed using the cached content or through synchronization.

Follow these steps to manage the cached content:

  1. Tap Start .

  2. Tap Internet Explorer .

  3. Tap Tools , then Options .

  4. In the General tab, select the number of days to save the history of pages visited.

  5. Tap OK .


Synchronizing favorites

Use Pocket Internet Explorer to keep the URLs of favorite Web sites readily available. Synchronizing a mobile favorite allows viewing Internet content on the HP iPAQ Pocket PC while disconnected.

Follow these steps to synchronize favorites:

  1. In ActiveSync on the personal computer, click Tools , then Options .

  2. Select the checkbox next to Favorites .

  3. In Internet Explorer on the personal computer, save or move favorite links to the Mobile Favorites subfolder in the Favorites list, and the Favorites will be synchronized to the HP iPAQ Pocket PC at the next Sync connection.

NOTE: If a favorite link is added or deleted in the Mobile Favorites folder on the HP iPAQ Pocket PC, the next time the device synchronizes to the personal computer the same change is made on the personal computer.


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