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HP LaserJet 1010, 1012, and 1015 Printers - Error Message, Request for sdhp1010.dl_

ISSUE: On a reboot, request for the following file appears "sdhp1010.dl_" in a popup message.
SOLUTION: The request for this file sdhp1010.dl_ indicates the software installation is not complete.
The file SDHP1010.DL_ can be found in two places on the CD, depending on which part of the install is incomplete.
  1. Insert the software CD in the drive, if it autostarts, click Exit to close.

  2. Reboot the computer with the software CD in the drive and when the prompt for the file appears, browse to the software CD at x:\HW or x:\(language)\drivers\win2000_xp\hb.

This should finish the install and resolve the issue.

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