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HP Deskjet 9680 Printer - Uninstalling the Software RIP

This procedure applies to Windows operating systems. Follow the steps below to uninstall the Software RIP for the HP Deskjet 9680 printer.

  1. Right-click the hp deskjet 9680 icon in the Taskbar and select Exit .

  2. Click Start , Settings , and then Control Panel .

  3. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon.

  4. Remove hp deskjet 9680 . If prompted to confirm removal of the program, select Yes .

    NOTE: The HP Deskjet 9600 series entry is the PCL-based driver, which is not part of the RIP software. It should not be removed unless ALL drivers for the HP Deskjet 9600 series printer are to be deleted from the system.
  5. Remove Hot Folder 3. If prompted to confirm removal of the program, select Yes .

  6. Click Start , Settings , and then Printers . In Microsoft Windows XP, click Start and then Printers and Faxes .

  7. Right-click either the Generic PostScript or HP Deskjet 9680 RIP icon and then select Delete .

    CAUTION: There may be other PostScript printers installed on the computer that use the Generic PostScript driver. Removing the Generic PostScript driver could remove files required for these other PostScript printers to function properly. Only remove the Generic PostScript driver if the HP Deskjet 9680 printer is the only printer used for PostScript printing.
    NOTE: Running the uninstaller, from Step 4, should remove these icons. However, if the uninstaller was unable to delete the printer or the RIP software was installed multiple times, without removing the previous installation, both of these icons could still be present. There may also be multiple copies of these printers installed. Delete each occurrence of either of these printers. Continue to Step 8 if these icons are not found in the Printers window.
  8. For Windows 2000 and Windows XP follow the additional steps below.

    1. Select File , Server Properties , and then select the Drivers tab.

    2. In the Drivers tab, remove the AdobePS HP Deskjet 9680 RIP and HP Deskjet 9680 RIP entries.

    3. Select the Ports tab and delete the Hot Folder for the HP Deskjet 9680 printer. The name of the port should be C:\PROGRAM FILES\HP DESKJET 9680\JOBS\HEWLETT-PACKARD\HP DESKJET 9680 .

    4. Click OK to close the Print Server Properties window.

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