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HP Business Inkjet 2800 Series Printer - Problems Printing the Alignment Page


When printheads are installed or replaced, the printer automatically prints two alignment pages to align the printheads. This process takes about eight minutes. The alignment pages may be discarded after they are printed. If the printer does not print the pages, ensure the following:
  • Power light is on and not blinking. When the printer is first turned on, it takes approximately 45 seconds to warm up.

  • Make sure the printer is in the Ready state.

  • No error messages appear on the computer screen.

  • Power cord and other cables are working and firmly connected to the printer. Make sure the printer is connected firmly to a functioning alternating current (AC) power outlet and is turned on. See Printer specifications for voltage requirements.

  • Media is loaded correctly in the tray and is not jammed in the printer.

  • Printheads and ink cartridges are properly installed in their correct color-coded slots. Press down firmly on each one to ensure proper contact. Ensure you have removed the tape from each printhead.

  • Printhead latch and all covers are closed.

  • All packing tapes and materials are removed from the printer.

  • Rear access panel or auto-duplex unit is locked into place.

  • Printer can print a configuration page.

  • The printer is set as the current or default printer. For Windows, set the printer as the default in the Printers folder. For Mac OS, set the printer as the default in the Chooser or the Print Center. See your computer's documentation for more information.

  • Pause Printing is not selected if you are using a computer running Windows.

  • You are not running too many programs when you are performing a task. Close programs that you are not using or restart the computer before attempting the task again.


Manually align the printheads

If the printheads cannot be aligned automatically, follow the steps below to manually align the printheads:
  • From the control panel
    1. Press the Select button on the control panel.

    2. Press the Up Arrow button until MAINTENANCE is highlighted, and then press the Select button.

    3. Ensure PRINT QUALITY is highlighted, and then press the Select button.

    4. Ensure ALIGN PRINTHEADS is highlighted, and then press the Select button.

  • From the Embedded Web server
    1. Open the embedded Web server.

    2. Click the Settings tab.

    3. Click Diagnostic in the left pane.

    4. In the Printheads section, select the option to Align printheads from the drop-down list.


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