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HP LaserJet Printers - Steps to Print Manual Duplex Using the Application Settings or HP LaserJet Driver Settings

Manual Duplex using the application settings

NOTE: HP recommends utilizing the HP LaserJet Manual Duplex settings, as it requires less user interaction.
Within an application *(for example, Microsoft word):
  1. Click File . Select Print and the following screen will appear.

    Figure 1: Select Manual Duplex

  2. Select the Manual Duplex box, a check mark should appear when selected correctly.
    NOTE: Utilizing the application's manual duplex, will require more user interaction.
  3. Click OK and the following screen will appear.
  4. Please do not click "OK" right away , and wait for the first side of the print job to finish printing.
    NOTE: When utilizing the application's manual duplex settings, it's extremely important to re-load paper according to the instructions provided below.
  5. Remove the pages already printed on one side from the output bin (pages will exit printer with printed side face down). Odd pages will print first and at the highest page number.

    Figure 2: Removing the Pages

  6. Open tray 2, and load paper as shown in the following image.

    Figure 3: Reloading Paper

    NOTE: When loading paper back in tray 2, make sure that the top margin is towards the front of the tray and facing up
  7. Once the paper has been reloaded in to tray 2, click OK on the screenshot reference in the Figure above. The print job should print the second side of the print job correctly.


Manual Duplex using the HP LaserJet printer driver settings

HP LaserJet 2420\30 series printer driver settings within an application *(for example, Microsoft Word),
  1. Click File . Select Print and the following screen will appear. Notice that Manual Duplex is not selected.

    Figure 4: Properties

  2. Click the Properties tab. The HP LaserJet 2420\30 printer driver properties will appear.

    Selected the Finishing tab. And place a check mark in the box labeled Print On Both Sides Click OK two times and follow the steps outline on the following message.

    Figure 5: Finishing

  3. Read and Follow instructions on the screen.

    Figure 6: Instructions

    The printer will display at the control panel to Manually feed output stack then press the Check Mark to print the second side. Following the steps outline above will ensure Manual Duplex is done successfully.


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