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HP Photosmart 8150, 8250, and 8450 Series - Printing Envelopes

This document describes how to load envelopes into your printer and adjust the print settings for the appropriate size envelope.


Avoid using the following:
  • Envelopes with windows, clasps, or snaps

  • Shiny or embossed envelopes

  • Envelopes that have adhesive surfaces that are exposed to the printer

  • Flimsy envelopes with thick or curved leading edges

  • Wrinkled, nicked, baggy, or otherwise damaged envelopes

  • Envelopes that exceed 90-g/m2 (24-lb) basis weight

  • Envelopes larger than 8.5 x 14 inches

  • Envelopes that seal with pressure only, instead of requiring moistening

If you have trouble with envelopes jamming in the printer, try tucking in the flaps.

Step 1 - Raise the Out tray

There are two ways to load paper: you can raise the Out tray or remove it. To remove the Out tray, push in the buttons on each side and pull the tray towards you.

Figure 1: Raising the Out tray

1 - Out tray
2 - Paper-width guide
3 - Paper-length guide

Figure 2: Removing the Out tray

1 - Out tray

Step 2 - Load the envelopes

To print one or more envelopes, follow these steps:
  1. Remove all paper from the paper tray, and then slide a stack of envelopes into the tray, with the envelope flaps up and to the left (print-side down), until they stop.

  2. Adjust the paper-width guide against the envelopes. Be careful not to bend the envelopes and do not overload the tray.

    Figure 3: Insert the envelopes on the 8150 and 8450 printers

    1 - Paper-length guide
    2 - Paper-width guide

    Figure 4: Insert the envelopes on the 8250 printer

    1 - Paper-width guide
    2 - Paper-length guide
  3. Lower or replace the Out tray.

  4. Pull the Photo tray slider towards you until it stops. The Main light illuminates to show that paper from the Main paper tray will be used for the next print job.

    Figure 5: Pull the Photo tray slider forward

  5. Adjust the paper settings in the Printer Properties dialog box for envelopes. Click the Paper/Quality tab, then select the following print settings:
    • Size is: The appropriate envelope size

    • Type is: Automatic or Plain paper

    See Adjust the paper settings in your software below for more information.
  6. Select any other print settings that you want, and then click OK.

  7. Print the envelopes.

Step 3 - Adjust the paper settings in your software

If you change the paper type or size, adjust the paper settings. To change the paper settings for a single Windows application, follow these steps.

NOTE: Changes made in this manner do not change the default print settings. The print settings will revert to the default print settings the next time the application is opened.
  1. Open the application.

  2. Click File, Print, and then click Properties.

  3. The Printer Properties dialog box appears. To adjust the paper settings, click the various tabs and select the options from the drop-down lists to match the paper in the printer.

  4. Make all of the required changes and click OK to accept the changes and exit.

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