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HP iPAQ Pocket PC hx4700 Series - How Do I Enable/Disable HP ProtectTools on My Pocket PC?


The HP ProtectTools provides on-device security protection, minimizing the risk of losing sensitive information on your HP iPAQ Pocket PC. HP ProtectTools provides strong authentication and encryption of email, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, and/or all files stored in the My Documents folder. It can also be used to encrypt data stored on expansion cards.
CAUTION: HP ProtectTools provides strong protection of your Pocket PC and the data stored on it. To access the Pocket PC, you will have the option of enabling either a PIN or password. If you forget your PIN or password, you will be able to access the device with a backup question and answer. If you forget both your PIN/password and question/answer, there is no way to unlock your device. You will have to reset it, resulting in the loss of all data on your iPAQ Pocket PC, including data stored in iPAQ File Store. It is recommended that you remember your PIN/password and question/answer.


Enabling security

You should only need to enable security one time. You can make changes to any of your security settings at a later time without going through the setup procedure again. For more information, refer to "Manage Security Settings" in Chapter 7 of the User's Guide located on the Companion CD.

To enable security on your iPAQ Pocket PC:
  1. From the Today screen, tap Start , Settings , Personal , HP ProtectTools .

  2. The security configuration screen displays the message "Do you want to configure HP ProtectTools security on your device?" Tap Yes .

  3. On the Lock Settings screen, select your choices for the following:
    • Lock device -secures device by requiring your PIN or password to authenticate access to the HP iPAQ.
    • Log off -secures device by requiring your PIN or password, stops running all programs, and encrypts your data. You can also select the amount of time between when you last used the device and when the data is encrypted.

    Because encryption/decryption can take some time, if you use your device frequently, you may want to select a longer period of time.

  4. Tap Next .

  5. From the Unlock Settings screen, select the method in which you want to unlock your HP iPAQ, along with the number of attempts allowed for each setting:
    • Four-digit PIN -a four-digit number
    • Password -a combination of numbers and/or letters of any length
    • Strong alphanumeric password -a minimum of eight characters including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.
  6. Tap Next .

  7. From the Fail-Safe Settings screen:
    • Select the number of attempts you will have to answer your hint question correctly.
    • Select what the device should do if you fail to answer your hint question correctly after the associated number of attempts.
      NOTE: It is recommended that you select the default, "Pause before retrying question."
    • Select whether to keep security after a hard reset.
      NOTE: It is recommended that you select this option to ensure that the data stored in your iPAQ Pocket PC remains secure after a hard reset.
  8. Tap Next .
  9. Select the encryption strength.

    From the Encryption Settings screen:
    • Lite is the fastest but least secure algorithm.
    • Blowfish is both fast and secure.
    • Triple DES and AES are the most secure.
      NOTE: It is recommended that you use the default, AES.
    • Select which data you want encrypted. If you select to have the My Documents folder encrypted, you can also choose whether to encrypt media files (for example, audio, video, or picture files). Media files often take longer to encrypt and decrypt than other file types.
    • Select whether you want the encryption status displayed. Selecting this option allows you to monitor the encryption/decryption process. For more information, refer to "Encrypting/Decrypting Data" in Chapter 7 of the User's Guide located on the Companion CD.

  10. Tap Next .

  11. From the Security Configuration Complete screen, tap Continue to create your PIN or password and answer your hint question.

  12. Prior to entering your PIN or password, you will be asked for a passphrase. Tap OK , then follow the onscreen instructions to create a passphrase.

    NOTE: The passphrase is not something you will need to remember on a daily basis, but you should remember it for future reference. For more information on passphrases, tap the More Information... button.
  13. Tap OK .
  14. If requested, enter your PIN or password two times for verification purposes.
  15. From the Set up Passwords screen, select your hint question by tapping the left and right arrow buttons near the question. Answer the question two times for verification purposes.
  16. Tap OK . Your iPAQ Pocket PC will reset itself after a few seconds, or you can tap the Reset Now button to reset the device immediately.

    NOTE: After the device has completed the reset process, you will be asked for your PIN or password before you can begin using it again.


Disabling security

You can disable HP ProtectTools at any time using your PIN or password.

CAUTION: It is recommended that you leave HP ProtectTools enabled at all times to ensure the data on your iPAQ Pocket PC is secure.
To disable security:
  1. Tap the yellow lock icon in the Taskbar at the bottom of the Today screen.
  2. Tap Manage Security Settings .

  3. Enter your PIN or password to authenticate yourself.
  4. Tap the Disable Security button.

  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to disable security.


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