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HP LaserJet 2400 Series Printer - Setting Up the Hardware

What ships in the box

Figure 1: Package contents

1 - Printer Model Ordered
2 - Power cord
3 - Printer Cartridge
4 - Getting Started Guide, Network Install Guide, Software Install CD
5 - Front Panel Overlay

Product Walkaround

Figure 2: Front view

1 - Top output bin
2 - Long media extension
3 - Latch to open the front cover (provides access to the print cartridge)
4 - Tray 1 (pull to open)
5 - Tray 2
6 - Control panel
7 - Right-side cover (provides access to DIMMs and CompactFlash cards)

Figure 3: Rear view

1 - On/Off Switch
2 - Interface ports
3 - Rear output bin (pull to open)

Figure 4: Interface ports

1 - EIO slot
2 - Embedded HP Jetdirect print server (HP LaserJet 2420n, 2420dn, 2430tn, and 2430dtn models only)
3 - USB 2.0 connection
4 - IEEE 1284-B compliant parallel connection

Install the printer

  1. Prepare the location.

    1. Place the printer on a sturdy, level surface in well-ventilated area.

    2. Allow space around the printer, including 50 mm (2 inches) of space around the printer for ventilation.

    3. Make sure that the location has an adequate power supply. Check the voltage rating on the printer (located under the top cover). The power supply will be either 110 to 127 Vac or 220 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz.

    4. Do not place the printer in direct sunlight or near chemicals.

    5. Make sure that the environment does not experience abrupt changes in temperature or humidity.

    6. Make sure that the following ranges are met:

      • Temperature: 50 to 91 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 32.5 degrees Celsius)

      • Relative humidity: 2% to 80%

  2. Check the package contents and verify that all of the parts are included.
    NOTE: The product does not ship with a network, USB, or parallel cable.
    • Printer

    • Power cord

    • Print cartridge

    • Getting Started Guide

    • Network Install Guide (HP LaserJet 2420n, 2420dn, 2430tn, and 2430dtn models only)

    • Software Install CD

    • Optional 500-sheet paper tray (HP LaserJet 2430t, 2430tn, and 2430dtn models only)

  3. Set the printer on top of the optional 500-sheet paper tray to install the 500-sheet paper tray. (HP LaserJet 2430t, 2430tn, or 2430dtn models only)

  4. Remove the packing material from the printer.
    • Remove the all orange tape from the outside of the printer.

    • Remove orange tape from paper tray 2.

    • Remove the orange packing tape from inside paper tray 3.

    • Remove the spacer from inside the print cartridge area.

  5. Load all paper trays.

    1. Pull the paper trays completely out of the printer.

    2. Press the blue tab on the rear paper length guide and adjust the rear guide so that the pointer matches the size of the paper to be loaded.

    3. Move the side width guides outward to match the desired paper size.

    4. Add the media to the paper trays, make sure that it is flat in the tray at all four corners. Keep the media below the height tabs on the sides and rear of the tray. Push down on the metal lift plate to lock it in place.

    5. Slide the trays back into the printer.

  6. Install the print cartridge.

    1. Remove the print cartridge from the packaging.

    2. Rock the print cartridge back and forth several times to "mix" the toner.

    3. Pull the sealing tape from the end of the print cartridge to remove the entire length of the tape.

    4. Open the top cover.

    5. Slide the print cartridge into the unit.

    6. Close the print cartridge door.

  7. Connect the LAN cable (optional). (HP LaserJet 2420n, 2420dn, 2430tn, and 2430dtn models only)

  8. Connect the power.

    1 - Connect power to unit
    2 - Connect power to wall outlet
    3 - On/Off Switch
  9. Set the desired language for the unit.

    1. Press (SELECT) on the control panel to open the menus.

    2. Use the (UP) or (DOWN) button to scroll to CONFIGURE DEVICE and then press (SELECT).

    3. Use the (UP) or (DOWN) button to scroll to SYSTEM SETUP and then press (SELECT).

    4. Use the (UP) or (DOWN) button to scroll to LANGUAGE and then press (SELECT).

    5. Use the (UP) or (DOWN) button to scroll to <language> (where <language> is the desired language), and then press (SELECT).

  10. Print a configuration page.

    1. Press (SELECT) on the control panel to open the menus.

    2. Use the (UP) or (DOWN) button to scroll to INFORMATION and then press (SELECT).

    3. Use the (UP) or (DOWN) button to scroll to PRINT CONFIGURATION and then press (SELECT).

    4. The Configuration Page will print.

  11. Install the software.
    1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive of the computer.

    2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    3. Choose the connection type when prompted to do so by the software installation program.

      Hi-Speed USB 2.0
      IEEE 1284-B Parallel

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