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HP All-in-One and Fax Products - Troubleshooting 'Phone Off Hook' Front Panel Messages


A Phone Off Hook message may not be an error. It simply indicates that a telephone receiver is off the hook (the handset is lifted) and the telephone line is open.

This message would be expected in the following situations:

  • A modem on the phone line is accessing the Internet.

  • A phone connected to the HP fax (or the same phone line) is using the line, or the handset has been lifted.

  • A credit card machine is using the phone line.

  • Another electronic device is using the phone line.

  • Telephone Answering Machine using the phone line.

  • The Start Fax button was pressed with no telephone number entered. Pressing Stop or Cancel should return the display to a ready state.

    When the other device is no longer using the phone line, the display should revert to the normal message.


Checking the phone line

The most common reason for this message is when a dial-up modem is accessing the Internet on the same phone line. Just as two phone calls cannot come in at the same time, two devices cannot use the phone line at the same time.

ISDN/PBX can have 2 calls at the same time but only one call per port.

If a broadband modem (such as ADSL or ISDN) is on the same phone line and the message appears all the time, please do the trouble shooting below and if the message remains then contact your Internet provider for assistance. Even if a dial tone is present when listening to the phone line, the HP product may detect the broadband data connection at the higher line frequencies. Broadband modems must have a line filter installed to work correctly. Contact the telephone company for assistance.


Using a Telephone Answering Machine, Telephone or other telecommunication device

Follow the steps below to setup a telecomunication device with the HP Fax machine.

  1. Disconnect and reconnect the power cord.

  2. Hang up any phones with a lifted handset. Deactivate all telecom devices attached to the HP fax product.

  3. Disconnect, one at a time, other phones and devices using the same phone line. Check the HP fax product display after disconnecting each phone or device. If the message clears after disconnecting a phone or device from the line, the problem is with that phone or device.

  4. If the Phone off hook disappears, use a two-wired conductor cable between the device & HP fax-device.

  5. If the Phone off hook does remain, power cycle the HP fax product again or otherwise click here if the problem still exists.


Using ISDN or PBX

If you have your HP Fax product installed on an ISDN A/D converter or a PBX, please check the following:
  1. Detach HP Fax Product from the ISDN A/D converter or from the PBX.

  2. If the Phone off hook disappears, use a 2 wired cable between the ISDN A/D converter or the PBX.

  3. Disconnect and reconnect the power cord.


Problem still exists

If the problem still exists after performing the steps above, the line interface Product (LIU), the part that the phone line plugs into, may be defective or the HP product may need to be serviced. Contact HP customer care for further assistance.


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