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HP 9000 Server rp7420-16


The HP 9000 rp7420-16 Server is a member of the HP business-critical computing platform family: a mid-range, mid-volume server, positioned as an upgrade to the current HP 9000 rp7410 product in the PL-1X product line.
HP PA-RISC Processor
  • PA-8900 1.1GHz or 1.0GHz, 64MB cache

  • PA-8800 1.0GHz or 900MHz, 32MB cache

Base Server
  • A7025A
  • 1-8 processor modules (16 processors)
Operating Environment
64 bit HP UX 11i v1 & 11iv2 Operating System
Maximum Memory
128GB (using eight 16GB quads)
Total I/O Slots
16 slots (PCI-X capabilities)
Internal Peripherals
4 internal hot-plug disk bays and 1 internal removable media bay (DVD or DDS-4)
Power Supplies
2 hot-swap, redundant power supplies
  • Memory chip-sparing technology

  • Dynamic CPU and memory allocation / deallocation

  • Hot-plug cell boards

  • Hot-spare CPU with instant capacity on demand (iCOD)

  • Error checking and correcting (ECC) on all CPU, cache, memory, and I/O paths

  • Online addition and replacement of PCI I/O cards

  • Redundant power inputs for dual-grid connections

  • Hot-swap, redundant cooling fans

  • 2N hot-swappable power supplies

  • Hot-plug disk drives, DVD, and DAT

  • MC/ServiceGuard and MC/Lockmanager Cluster software

  • Hardware partitions (nPars) with failover functionality

  • Integration of business applications with mc/serviceguard

  • SAP R/3 Somersault technology

  • Advanced monitoring event monitoring system (EMS) functionality

  • Mission critical services

  • Core I/O: 10/100/1000Base-T LAN, Ultra3 SCSI, 100Base-T management LAN, three RS-232 serial ports

  • Add-in cards: ATM, Token Ring, FDDI, 1000Base-SX, 1000Base-T, 10/100Base-T, Ultra2, Ultra3, FW SCSI, Fibre Channel, terminal MUX, hp speedcard software, X.25, hyperfabric, PCI-X RAID SmartArray 6402/U320.

V1.0 bundle



The HP 9000 rp7420 Server shares the same hardware as the HP 9000 rp7410 with changes to the cell board, CPU modules, core I/O, and the PCI-X backplane. The HP 9000 rp7420 Server provides increased performance over its predecessor.

The HP 9000 rp7420 16 Server is a symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) server supporting up to 8 high performance dual core PA 8900 (1.1 GHz or 1.0 GHz) or PA-8800 (1.0 GHz or 900 MHz) processor modules. A dual core processor module supports 2 processors resulting in a 16 way server. It also supports the sx1000 chip set. The rp7420 16 Server can be configured as a single SMP server or divided into two smaller, hardware partitioned (nPars), logical servers.


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