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iPAQ Pocket PC h1900 Series - Overview

iPAQ Pocket PC h1900 Series
h1910, h1915 and h1920 - Microsoft Pocket PC 2002
h1930, h1935 and h1945 - Microsoft Pocket PC 2003
h1937 and h1940 - Microsoft Pocket PC 2003
h1910 - Intel PXA 250 (200 MHz)
h1915 and h1920 - Intel PXA 255 (200 MHz)
h1930, h1935 and h1937 - Samsung S3C2410 (203 MHz)
h1940 and h1945 - Samsung S3C2410 - (266 MHz)
Transflective type TFT Color with LED backlight
Number of colors
64K colors 16-bit
Touch screen
Resolution (width x height)
240 x 320
Viewable Image size
3.5 inches
h1910 and h1915
SDRAM 64 MB (46 MB user accessible)
SDRAM 64 MB (34 MB user accessible)
h1930 and h1940 series
SDRAM 64 MB (56 MB user accessible)
NAND Flash
h1910 and h1915 - 16 MB
h1920 - 32MB
h1930 and h1935 - 16 MB
h1937, h1940 and h1945 - 32 MB
h1910 and h1915 - 64 MB (46 MB user accessible)
h1920 - 64 MB (34 MB user accessible)
h1930 and h1940 series - 64 MB (56 user accessible)
Hardware buttons/reset button
One power button, One recording button, One soft reset switch, Four software programmable application buttons, One 5-way navigation button
Microphone, Speaker, One dual 2.5/3.5 mm Earphone Jack, MP3 Stereo (through audio jack)
Notification Systems
Alarms Solid Amber LED - Battery in unit fully charged
Flashing Amber LED - Battery in unit is charging
Flashing Green LED - Event alarm / notification
Notification Sound and Message on the Display
SD slot
h1910, h1915 and h1920 - Support SD/MMC type standard for memory only.
h1930 and h1940 series - Supports SD/MMC cards for memory and SD I/O.
Power Supply
  • Rechargeable 900 mAH

  • Lithium-Ion user swappable battery

  • Battery charge time: 4 hours

AC Power
AC Input: 100'240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
AC Input current: 0.2 Aac max
Output Voltage: 5Vdc (typical)
Output Current: 2A (typical)
Peripheral Interface
Infrared Port (IrDA SIR), Cradle/Sync/Power Port, Audio Jack (2.5 mm)
Optional Accessories
AC adapter, Stylus, USB Cradle with independent slot for additional battery charge, Slim 900mAH Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, Auto adapter and SD memory cards

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