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Evo Notebook N800c - Installing the System Board

Installing System Board

Installing the System Board

NOTE: Remove the Following Components When replacing the system board, ensure that the following components are removed from the old system board and installed on the new system board:
  1. Memory expansion boards

  2. Mini PCI communications board

  3. Processor

  4. Disk cell RTC battery

  5. Modem cable

  1. Prepare the computer for disassembly and remove the following components:

    1. LED cover

    2. Keyboard and shield

    3. Display

    4. Top cover

    5. Fan

  2. Position the computer so the front faces forward.

  3. Remove the two PM2.0 x 8.0 screws [1 ] that secure the left [2 ] and right [3 ] display supports to the base enclosure.

  4. Remove the left and right display supports from the base enclosure.

NOTE: Plastic Fan Channel
A plastic fan channel [1 ] attaches to the right display support. The channel has two slots [2 ] on either end that fit around two tabs [3 ] on the display support.
  1. Remove the two PM2.0 x 5.5 screws [1 ] that secure the system board to the base enclosure on either side of the MultiBay connector.

  2. Remove the PM2.0 x 8.0 screw [2 ] that secures the system board to the base enclosure through the processor support bracket.

  1. Use the MultiBay connector [1 ] to lift [2 ] the front of the system board until the board rests at an angle.

  2. Slide the system board forward at an angle [3 ] and remove it from the base enclosure.

  3. Remove the PC Card bezel [4 ] from the system board.

Replacing the System Board

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