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HP Pavilion md5020n, md5820n, md5880n, and md6580n High-Definition Microdisplay TV - Connecting the TV To an Antenna


If you are connecting the TV to an antenna and the antenna cable has a standard coaxial connector, connect the cable to the TV as shown below.

Connect the TV to an antenna

NOTE: If the antenna has flat, twin-lead cable or other type of cable, connect the antenna cable to a coaxial adapter, then connect the adapter to the TV antenna input.

Figure 1: Connecting the TV to an antenna

Find channels when using an antenna

If you have an antenna connected to the antenna input use the following instructions to find channels:

  1. Press Settings and go to Setup, Channel setup, Auto search cable, and then press OK.

  2. Wait for the TV to scan all channels available from the antenna.

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