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HP Designjet 4500 Scanner series - Replace the Lamp Assembly


The Lamp on the Designjet 4500 is customer replaceable


  1. Turn the scanner off and disconnect the power plug.

  2. Remove the lamp cover from the right side of the scanner by grasping the cover with both hands and pulling straight back. Then lift the cover upwards to release it from the scanner.

  3. The whole lamp assembly will be replaced, this consists of a lamp mounted in a reflector brace and fixed power connectors.

  4. Grasp the edge of the lamp assembly and carefully slide it out of the scanner.

  5. Reinsert the new lamp assembly by resting the power connector side on the slider and carefully sliding the lamp assembly into the scanner.

  6. Insert the lamp assembly all the way in so that it engages the internal power connections with the connectors on the lamp assembly.

  7. Replace the lamp cover on the scanner - fit the bottom notches in the holes and snap the cover shut. The cover must be closed before turning the scanner power on.

  8. Test the replacement lamp by powering it on to see if the lamp lights.

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