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HP Color LaserJet 3600 Series Printers - DCC Firmware Update/Download Release/Installation Notes


Purpose of this Readme File

This Readme file provides specific installation instructions and other information you should know before you perform a firmware upgrade for your CLJ3600 Series printer. Installation instructions are provided for Single Printer Upgrades.

This file provides specific installation and troubleshooting information. For additional information on the printer features, refer to the online user guide found on the Windows Printing System Installer CD-ROM that came with your printer.


What is included in a remote firmware upgrade?

The CLJ3600 Remote Firmware Upgrade file available from the hp web site contains firmware for the printer in one convenient download file. When the Remote Firmware Upgrade file is sent to the HP CLJ3600 printer the printer's firmware is upgraded.


Who needs this firmware

Similar to Hewlett Packard providing improved software for your CLJ3600, Hewlett Packard will be providing firmware upgrades for your printer throughout its life cycle. A firmware upgrade may be necessary if it is determined that you may benefit from an improvement that is documented below in section "III".


Determining the current level of firmware

To determine the current level of firmware installed on the printer:

  1. Go to the printer control panel.

  2. Press the select button (the one with the check mark) to enter the menus.

  3. Press the up and down buttons to scroll to "INFORMATION" on the control panel display.

  4. Press the select button.

  5. Press the up and down buttons to scroll to "PRINT CONFIGURATION" on the control panel display.

  6. Press the select button to print the Configuration Page.

  7. Look in the section marked "Printer Number" for the firmware date code. The firmware date code will look something like this: 2D.6E



Upgrade Instructions

NOTE: Please be aware that an upgrade in some circumstances may require approximately ten minutes to complete.
NOTE: Do not power cycle the printer or turn it off during the firmware upgrade process.

Single Printer Upgrade

You can send an .RFU upgrade to a printer at any time via a network connection; the printer will wait for all I/O channels to become idle before cycling power. There is also a .exe upgrade for those with a USB connection.

NOTE: If the firmware upgrade involves a change in the format of NVRAM, the NVRAM settings will be lost and must be set again by the customer.

The elapsed time for an upgrade depends on the I/O transfer time as well as the time that it takes for the printer to reinitialize. The I/O transfer time will depend on a number of things including the speed of the host computer sending the upgrade and the I/O method (USB or network). Finally, any print jobs ahead of the .RFU job in the queue will be printed before the .RFU upgrade is processed.

NOTE: The printer will automatically restart after processing the upgrade.


For Windows systems

  • If the printer is shared on the network, then the following command can be issued from a command prompt:


    where FILENAME is the name of the .RFU file, <SHARENAME> is the name of the machine, from which the printer is being shared, and <PRINTERNAME> is the printer's share name (do not type the angle brackets).

  • If the printer is attached locally, then the .exe file can be used to download the file.

    Double-click the .exe file and follow the instructions on the screen.

    Setting the following on the printers control panel may help if a timeout message is seen on the computer monitor during an upgrade:

    Change the timeout in the control panel

    1. Press 4 (Configure Device Menu).

    2. Press 5 (I/O menu).

    3. Press 1 (I/O Timeout setting).

    4. Enter 300 and press select (Sets timeout to 300 seconds).

    5. Press Resume/Start.


Using LPR

Remote firmware update using lpr on a direct network connection.

If your HP LaserJet product uses a direct network connection, you can use line printer remote (lpr) to update your HP LaserJet firmware.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Take note of the host name on the EIO X JetDirect or Embedded JetDirect page this is the second page of the Configuration Page printout). To print the configuration page see the section above labeled "I. INTRODUCTION".

    NOTE: Before connecting to the printer, make sure that the printer is not in Powersave mode. Also make sure that any error messages are cleared from the control panel display.
  2. Open a DOS command window on your computer.

  3. Type lpr –S <printer IP> -P <printer IP> -O l <file name>


    -S is the name of the server providing the lpd service.

    -P is the name of the print queue.

    -o l (dash capital O, space, lower case L) forces binary.

    - file name: for the file name, type the location where the .RFU file was downloaded from the Web.

    For example:

    lpr - S NPIC3ED91 –P NPIC3ED91 -O l c:\temp\lj3600fw.rfu

    NOTE: For our JetDirect boxes, the IP address or host name of the ExBox or JetDirect Card or JetDirect Inside is used for both the server and the print queue.
  4. Press ENTER on the keyboard.

  5. Once the file is transferred by lpr, the command prompt will return. When printer the Upgrade is complete, type “exit” at the command prompt to close the window.


For Macintosh Systems

Mac OS 8x & 9x Systems

  • The first step in upgrading the Color LaserJet 3600 firmware is making sure you have the tools and files necessary for the update. You will need either Netscape or Fetch and the xxxxxx.rfu file that you downloaded with this ReadMe. The .rfu file is the actual firmware file for the LaserJet.

  • Once you have the firmware file and Fetch you are ready to begin the upgrade process.

Update using Fetch:

  1. Launch Fetch, a window will appear requesting;

    Host = <<your printers IP address>> (example -

    User ID = <<none needed>>

    Password = <<none needed>>

  2. The main Fetch window will open. Click the "Put File" button and select the xxxxxx.rfu file. Click OK.

  3. Once the file is completely downloaded to the printer the display on the LaserJet will show the message "Performing Upgrade".

  4. When the upgrade process has completed the LaserJet will reboot. Once the printer is back online, print a Configuration Page to verify that the new firmware has been installed.


Using HP Web JetAdmin 7.x to upgrade the firmware to a single printer (CLJ3600n only)

  1. Download the appropriate firmware upgrade file from to a folder on your PC or the Web JetAdmin server.

  2. Start Web JetAdmin 7.x.

  3. From the Navigation section of the screen select the "Device management" selection from the drop-down menu. This is located in the top left hand section of the window.

  4. Choose the "Tools" folder, and select the "Printer Firmware Update" selection.

  5. Click the "Upload Files" button.

  6. Click the "Browse" button and locate the correct firmware image.

  7. Click "upload" to place the firmware image file on the server.

  8. Verify the information shown in the "All Available Images" section on the screen.

  9. Click "Return to Device Firmware Update".

  10. Select the printer(s) to be upgraded.

  11. Select the "Update" button, found in the lower right portion of the window to start the upgrade process.

    NOTE: Do not turn printer off during the upgrade process! When the upgrade process is complete, the printer will automatically reboot.
    NOTE: If the firmware upgrade process fails Web JetAdmin will notify you with a page with information regarding the reason(s) for failure. A link is provided to attempt the process again.


Using HP Web JetAdmin 6.x to upgrade the firmware to a single printer (CLJ3600n only)

This procedure requires that Web JetAdmin v. 6.x is installed. The following steps will upgrade a single printer through HP Web JetAdmin after downloading the .RFU file from the HP Web site.

  1. Start HP Web JetAdmin.

  2. Enter the IP address or IP hostname of the printer in the Quick Device Find field, and then click Go. The printer's Status window appears.

  3. Click the right arrow on the toolbar to display the Update button.

  4. Click Update.

  5. When prompted for the type of update to perform, select Update Printers and click Continue.

  6. Under Upload new firmware image, click Browse to locate the .RFU file you downloaded from the Web site.

  7. Click Upload to move the .RFU file from your hard drive to the HP Web JetAdmin server.

  8. Refresh the browser.

  9. Select the .RFU file from the Select new firmware version: drop-down menu.

  10. Click Update Firmware. HP Web JetAdmin sends the selected .RFU file to the printer.


Printer messages during a normal upgrade process

The printer displays three messages during a normal upgrade process:

Printer message
Displayed from the time the printer recognizes the beginning of an .RFU upgrade until the time the printer has verified the validity and integrity of the .RFU upgrade.
Displayed while the printer is actually reprogramming the DIMM with the .RFU upgrade.
Displayed from the time the printer has finished re-programming the DIMM until the printer reinitializes.
NOTE: To verify that the firmware upgrade succeeded, print a Configuration page from the printer's control panel and verify the firmware datecode shown on the Configuration page is the same as the datecode of the .RFU file you downloaded.


Troubleshooting a firmware upgrade

The following table lists causes and results for possible interruptions to the firmware upgrade.

Job cancelled from printer control panel
No upgrade has occurred. Resend upgrade.
Break in I/O stream during send (for example, parallel cable removed)
No upgrade has occurred. Resend upgrade.
Power cycle during RECEIVING UPGRADE
No upgrade has occurred. Resend upgrade.
Power cycle during UPGRADING PRINTER
Resend upgrade.
Upgrade completed.

Print jobs sent to the printer while an upgrade is in process will not interrupt the upgrade.

Reason for Firmware Upgrade Failure
Corrective Action
.RFU file corrupted
The printer will recognize that the file is corrupted and will reject the upgrade. Download the image again from the Web site and send the new file to the printer.
Wrong printer model
The printer will recognize the model in .RFU file mismatch and will reject the upgrade. Download the correct image from the Web site and send it to the printer.
Upgrade interrupted
See previous table.
NOTE: All HP Color LaserJet 3600 series printers at the time of shipping from the factory will have the latest available firmware.



Improvements provided with this firmware revision

Improvements made with revision "2D.6E" and included in this firmware roll:

  1. Fine-adjusted the fuser temperature setting for envelope mode to improve the fixing performance to the envelopes.

  2. Changed the toner level sensing error specification.

  3. Corrected the failure that mistakenly detects the 50.8 errors.

  4. Corrected the failure that wrongly detects the 500-sheet feeder's media sensor measurements.

  5. Corrected the defect in engine diagnostic test printing mode.

Improvements made with revision "2E.73" and included in this firmware roll:

  1. Corrected the failure that mistakenly detects the 50.8 errors (carried over from revision 1.45).

  2. Countermeasure for First Page Out poor fusing at top of page for monochrome jobs.

Improvements made with revision "2F.75". and included in this firmware roll:

  1. ETB's contact/alienation status has been optimized to correctly detect the ETB's alienation status and help prevent mono image PQ defects and 59.F0 errors.

Improvements made with revision "30.77" and included in this firmware roll:

  1. Improve the fusing performance in lower temperatures.

  2. Improves the stacking performance and jams seen in the output bin.

  3. Improved print quality in the glossy mode.

  4. Decrease of 10.92 errors seen due to drum motor issues.

  5. Improved trailing edge PQ on OHT and glossy media.

  6. Improved timing for the media sensor so correct detection of the media is done.

Improvements made with revision "32.7A" and included in this firmware roll:

  1. Countermeasure for Environmental Sensor causing multiple successive calibrations.

  2. Countermeasure for heavy media Color Plane Registration.

  3. Countermeasure for Color plane registration shift on plain media.

Current firmware revisions for all devices included in this firmware bundle (Version 32.7A)
Firmware Revision
HP Color LaserJet 3600 Series Printers

Improvements provided with previous firmware revisions


No Changes Made.



Technical Assistance

Some of the services below are provided for the United States only. Similar services to those listed below are available in other countries. See your printer's user guide or call your local authorized HP dealer.

Customer Support

See your printer's user guide or call your local authorized HP dealer.


An anonymous FTP library service is available worldwide for around-the-clock-access to drivers and technical support information for HP peripheral and computer products. Please note that paths may change without notice. Access the Internet or FTP address and use the menus to locate the software or support of your choice.

  • URL for HP Color LaserJet 3600 Series Support:

  • URL for Software and Support:

  • URL for Access HP:

  • FTP address:

    Login: anonymous

    Password: your Internet email address

HP Software and Support Services - Additional Information

Refer to your printer's user guide for additional methods of obtaining software and support information, such as printer driver distribution centers other online services, fax services, and other online support.


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