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HP Color LaserJet 5500 and 5550 Series Printers - Error message "Clean Fuser Input"

ISSUE: HP Color LaserJet 5500 printer series printer displays a message Clean Fuser Input on the control panel display.
SOLUTION: To clear this message, the fuser input has to be manually cleaned with the brush provided with the printer. The blue colored brush is attached to the front cover of the printer, which we open to access the transfer belt.

To clean the fuser input, use the following instructions. Note that there are two methods to perform this procedure.

Method One

  1. Open the front door to access the blue brush, see the Figure below.

    Figure 1: Blue Brush

  2. Remove the black toner cartridge from the printer to access the fuser input assembly, which is located above the black toner cartridge slot, see the Figure below.

    Figure 2: Fuser Input Location

  3. Use the blue colored brush to clean the fuser input by running the brush on the assembly back and forth 2-3 times, see the Figure below.

    Figure 3: Cleaning Fuser Input

Method Two

Use this method if you are unable to locate the fuser input location after removing the black toner cartridge.
  1. Power the printer off and remove the fuser unit. To remove the fuser perform the following:
    CAUTION: The fuser might be very hot. Wait at least 10 minutes after turning the printer off for it to cool down before proceeding with fuser removal.
  2. Using the side handles, open the top cover.
  3. Completely loosen the blue thumb screws on either side of the fuser, see the Figure below.

    Figure 4: Thumbscrews on Fuser

  4. Grasp the ends and pull straight up to remove the fuser, see the Figure below.

    Figure 5: Fuser Removal from the Printer

  5. Locate the two blue latches that are in the locked position. Bring the two blue latches to unlock position as shown in the figure below, see the Figure below.

    Figure 6: Unlock Latches

  6. Hold the two blue latches and remove the unit by lifting it upwards, see the Figure below.

    Figure 7: Fuser Removal

  7. Using the blue colored brush, clean pins on the assembly, see the Figure below.

    Figure 8: Clean Pins

  8. Reseat the assembly, install the fuser and power the printer ON.
NOTE: This message is was added to the CLJ5500 with the 4.009.0 firmware roll. With older firmware versions the printer will not display this message. For instructions on how to download and upgrade firmware click here (bpl12015).

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