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Advisory: HP StorageWorks All-in-One Storage System Password Expiration Issue


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Advisory: HP StorageWorks All-in-One Storage System Password Expiration Issue
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Release Date: 2006-11-20

Last Updated: 2006-11-20


The HP StorageWorks All-in-One (AiO) Storage System has a special local user account installed on the system. When an All-in-One Storage Manager (ASM) Agent is installed on an application server, this local user account is also installed there. In release v1.0.0 of the All-in-One, the account is configured to have the password expire after a specified number of days. If the password for this account expires, either on the All-in-One Server or on the application server hosting the ASM Agent, several features of the All-in-One Storage Manager will no longer function. The RESOLUTION section of this advisory provides specific instructions on how to correct this condition, if it is encountered.


HP StorageWorks AiO600 Storage System (v1.0.0)
HP StorageWorks AiO400 Storage System (v1.0.0)


These instructions should be followed for every All-in-One Storage System, v1.0.0, and every application server where v1.0.0 of the ASM Agent has been installed. Follow the steps listed below:

  1. On the desktop of the application server or the All-in-One Server, right-click on My Computer . In the context menu that appears, select Manage.

  2. The Computer Management (Local) interface will appear. On the left hand window pane, expand the Local Users and Groups item (it is under System Tools). Select the Users sub-item under Local Users and Groups .

  3. In the right hand window pane, a list of local users is displayed. Select the ASMUser account, right-click and select Properties in the context menu.

  4. The Properties dialog of ASMUser is displayed. Select the General tab, if it is not already selected. If the ASMUser password has not yet expired, then the checkbox labeled Password never expires will be enabled. In systems with v1.0.0 installed, this checkbox is not checked. Check this checkbox (as in the picture below) and select the OK button.

  5. If the password of ASMUser has already expired, then the Properties dialog will appear as below, with the Password never expires checkbox grayed out (disabled).

  6. Uncheck the User must change password at next logon checkbox. This command will cause the Password never expires checkbox to become enabled. Next, check the Password never expires checkbox and select the OK button.

Please note that this procedure will permanently correct the expiring password issue on the designated server where the ASMUser account is installed.

Using the v1.0.0 All-in-One Quick Restore DVD to restore the All-in-One Storage Server to factory state, or using the DVD to install ASM agents on application servers will reintroduce the issue of the expiring password of the ASMUser account. HP recommends replacing v1.0.0 of the All-in-One Quick Restore DVD with v1.0.1 of the Quick Restore DVD. This DVD is available from the HP Software Depot free of charge.

The HP StorageWorks All-in-One 400 Storage System - System Recovery DVD is available by clicking the link below:

The HP StorageWorks All-in-One 600 Storage System - System Recovery DVD is available by clicking the link below:

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Hardware Platforms Affected: HP StorageWorks 1200 All-in-One Storage System
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