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Notice: HSG80/HSG60 Disk Device Reuse Best Practices


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Notice: HSG80/HSG60 Disk Device Reuse Best Practices
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Release Date: 2004-10-29

Last Updated: 2007-01-11


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Reuse of physical storage devices (disk drives) on Array Controllers HSG60/HSG80 based storage systems should include the deletion of storage containers that are being re-deployed and initializing the devices under the current version of ACS firmware. Reuse of these initialized devices is then accomplished by creating the desired containers, initializing them and creating the unit for access by the desired host or hosts. This initializing activity should be considered a 'Best Practices' procedure for any storage set creation where previously used disk drives are being re-utilized. Failure to initialize previously used disk devices may result in varying metadata from previous firmware versions and lead to potential issues within newly formed storage sets.


Presented Units on HSG60/HSG80 based storage systems are a result of a number of configurations. The individual disk drive elements are combined into a storage set from which a presented unit is assigned for host system access. The reconfiguration of a storage set requires the systematic reversal of the creation process. The steps for this reconfiguration, along with example commands, are detailed below:

  1. Delete the host accessible unit

    For example, delete D4 (where D4 is presented from storage set raid 8)

  2. Delete the storage set from which the unit was presented

    For example, delete raid8 (where raid8 is created from disk10100, disk20100, disk30100 and disk40100)

  3. Proceed to initialize the individual disk units which formerly comprised the storage set

    1. Initialize disk10100

    2. Initialize disk20100

    3. Initialize disk30100

    4. Initialize disk40100

  4. Create the desired new storage set

    For example, add stripe stripe3 disk10100 disk20100 disk30100

  5. Initialize the new storage set

    For example, Initialize stripe3

  6. Create the new host accessible unit

    For example, Add unit d5 stripe 3

Hardware Platforms Affected: EMA/ESA/MA Disk Arrays, HP HSG Array Controller
Components Affected: Not Applicable
Operating Systems Affected: Not Applicable
Software Affected: Not Applicable
Third Party Products Affected: Not Applicable
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