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HP Color LaserJet CM4730 MFP Series Product - Replace supplies

When you use genuine HP supplies, the MFP automatically notifies you when supplies are nearly depleted. The notification to order supplies allows ample time to order new supplies before they need to be replaced.

Locate supplies

Supplies are identified by their labeling and their blue plastic handles.

The following figure illustrates the location of each supply item.

1: Supply item locations

Print cartridges
Transfer unit

Supply replacement guidelines

To facilitate the replacement of supplies, keep the following guidelines in mind when setting up the MFP.

  • Allow sufficient space above and in the front of the MFP for removing supplies.

  • The MFP should be located on a flat, sturdy surface.

For instructions on installing supplies, see the installation guides provided with each supply item or see more information at . When you connect, select Solve a Problem .

Hewlett-Packard recommends the use of genuine HP products in this MFP. Use of non-HP products may cause problems requiring service that is not covered by the Hewlett-Packard extended warranty or service agreements.

Approximate replacement intervals for supplies

The following table lists the estimated replacement intervals for supplies and the control panel messages that prompt when to replace each item. Usage conditions and print patterns may cause results to vary.

Printer message
Page count
Approximate time period
Black cartridges
Replace Black Cartridge
12,000 pages1
3 months
Color cartridges
Replace <color> Cartridge
12,000 pages1
3 months
Image transfer kit
Replace Transfer Kit
120,000 pages2
40 months
Image fuser kit
Replace Fuser Kit
150,000 pages
50 months
Stapler cartridge
Replace Stapler Cartridge
5000 pages
ADF maintenance kit
Replace Document Feeder Kit
90000 pages

1 Approximate average A4-/letter-size page count based on 5% coverage of individual colors.

2 Approximate life is based on 4,000 pages per month.

Change print cartridges

When a print cartridge approaches the end of its useful life, the control panel displays a message recommending that you order a replacement. The MFP can continue to print using the current print cartridge until the control panel displays a message instructing you to replace the cartridge.

The MFP uses four colors and has a different print cartridge for each color: black (K), magenta (M), cyan (C), and yellow (Y).

Replace a print cartridge when the MFP control panel displays a Replace <color> Cartridge message. The control panel display will also indicate the color that should be replaced (if a genuine HP cartridge is currently installed). Replacement instructions are included in the print-cartridge box.

If toner gets on clothing, wipe it off with a dry cloth and wash the clothes in cold water. Hot water sets toner into fabric.
For information about recycling used print cartridges, go to .

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