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HPSBTU02209 SSRT071323 rev.1 - HP Tru64 UNIX Running Secure Shell (SSH), Remote Unauthorized Identification of Valid Users


Document ID: c01007552

Version: 1

HPSBTU02209 SSRT071323 rev.1 - HP Tru64 UNIX Running Secure Shell (SSH), Remote Unauthorized Identification of Valid Users
NOTICE: The information in this Security Bulletin should be acted upon as soon as possible.

Release Date: 2007-05-09

Last Updated: 2007-05-09

Potential Security Impact: Remote, unauthorized identification of valid Users

Source: Hewlett-Packard Company, HP Software Security Response Team


A potential security vulnerability has been identified with HP Tru64 UNIX running Secure Shell (SSH).
The vulnerability could be exploited remotely by an unauthorized user to identify valid users.

References: NONE

SUPPORTED SOFTWARE VERSIONS*: ONLY impacted versions are listed.

The following supported software versions are affected:

HP Tru64 UNIX v5.1B-4
HP Tru64 UNIX v5.1B-3


For a PGP signed version of this security bulletin please write to:

The Hewlett-Packard Company thanks Andrea Purificato for reporting this vulnerability to


Until updates are available in mainstream release patch kits, HP is releasing the following Early Release Patch (ERP) kits publicly for use by any customer.

The ERP kits use dupatch to install and will not install over any installed Customer Specific Patches (CSPs) that have file intersections with the ERPs. Contact your service provider for assistance if the installation of the ERPs is blocked by any of your installed CSPs.

The resolutions contained in the ERP kits are targeted for availability in the following mainstream patch kit:

HP Tru64 UNIX Version v5.1B-5

Special Instructions for the Customer:

This patch adds a new keyword to the sshd2_config configuration file for the sshd2 daemon. The new keyword, AuthInteractiveFailureRandomTimeout , adds a random delay to the existing AuthInteractiveFailureTimeout delay. See the sshd2_config man page for information on AuthInteractiveFailureTimeout.

The AuthInteractiveFailureRandomTimeout keyword can take a value from 0 to 100 (in seconds). The default is 2. To disable AuthInteractiveFailureRandomTimeout, specify a value of 0. When a non-zero value is specified for this keyword, a random number of milliseconds up to the number of seconds specified multiplied by 1000 is added to the server delay specified by AuthInteractiveFailureTimeout.

HP Tru64 UNIX Version v5.1B-4
Prerequisite: HP Tru64 UNIX v5.1B-4 PK6 (BL27)
Kit Name: T64KIT1001208-V51BB26-ES-20070427
Kit Location:
HP Tru64 UNIX Version v5.1B-3
Prerequisite: HP Tru64 UNIX v5.1B-3 PK5 (BL26)
Kit Name: T64KIT1001205-V51BB27-ES-20070427
Kit Location:

MD5 checksums are available from the ITRC patch database main page.



Version:1 (rev.1) - 9 May 2007 Initial release

Third Party Security Patches: Third party security patches which are to be installed on systems running HP software products should be applied in accordance with the customer's patch management policy.

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