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HP ProLiant Server - Smart Array Controllers, Hard Drive Predictive Failure Troubleshooting


Occasionally, POST or the HP Insight Management Agents will report predictive failures on one or more hard drives.


No probing diagnostics are required.

Nevertheless, there has been historical instances in which issues involving the hard drive firmware may have triggered a false S.M.A.R.T. predictive failure event. As such, it is highly recommended that the firmware on the hard drive is upgraded before concluding that the hard drive is in a predictive failure state.

To establish if the hard drive firmware is up to date, use one of the following tools to identify the drive model number and the current firmware level:

  • System Management Homepage.

  • Array Configuration Utility (Smartstart or online).

  • Array Diagnostics Utility (Smartstart or online).

  • HP Insight Diagnostics (Smartstart or online).

Once the drive model is established, go to:

Click here to go to HP web page (

Then type in the drive model number. Multiple hits may be returned, but one of them will be the link for the latest firmware package for the drive model. Compare this to the number read from one of the tools above. If the firmware is not up to date, download the firmware package and apply it according to the directions on the download page.

Once the hard drive firmware has been applied, apply the same process to the array controller firmware. Although the array controller is not involved with the predictive failure calculations directly, a failing Smart Array Controller firmware may nevertheless affect the hard drive performance indirectly (SCSI timeouts, SCSI parity errors, etc.) Smart Array Controller firmware are likewise continually improved to detect and compensate for new conditions, including testing for obsoleted hard drive firmware in POST.

Unless there are outstanding advisories to the contrary for the hard drive model number or the Smart Array Controller, the predictive failure message can be taken for face value at this point.

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