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HP Notebook PCs - Connecting to a WWAN

This document pertains to HP Notebook PCs with Windows Vista.

Overview of Wireless Wide Area Network

Your PC can connect to the internet using wireless wide area network (WWAN) broadband data equipment and services. You can browse the internet and check e-mail from anywhere you can get a cell phone signal. You must subscribe to a WWAN service and you must have a provider-specific WWAN card installed in your PC before you can use the wireless wide area network service with your HP notebook PC.

Your service provider will be able to help you to set up your service and with any connection issues that you may encounter.

The wireless wide area network (WWAN) adapter is built-in to some HP notebook PCs, and adapters can be purchased and installed in other notebook PCs. Because it is a new technology, WWAN cannot be installed on all older PCs. Also, the wireless adapters for Bluetooth and wireless local area network (LAN) networks cannot access a WWAN network.

Currently, there are only a few major WWAN service providers, and they charge a fee for their broadband service. Each service requires the installation of a provider-specific WWAN card, and similar to your cell phone service, the WWAN card from one provider does not work with the service from another provider. For example, you cannot use a WWAN card from AT&T if you subscribe to Verizon's WWAN service.


Location of a WWAN card and SIM

There are two pieces of hardware required to use a wireless wide area network: an HP Broadband Wireless Module, and a SIM card. These components are located in different places depending on the model of computer.

Computer Model
SIM Slot
Wireless Module slot
Under the keyboard
Under the keyboard
Battery bay
Under the keyboard
Battery bay
WWAN module compartment
Battery bay
Hard drive bay


Connecting to a WWAN

If your mobile WWAN operator is not listed on the screen, or if the connection settings for the mobile WWAN operator are different from the settings provided, you can manually create a connection profile to the service provider. Prior to creating the profile, you must contact the service provider to obtain the access point name (APN), username, password, and connection settings.

To set up a profile, Click Start, Control Panel, then Network and Sharing Center. Then click Set up a new connection or network to begin the process of setting up a new profile.

Network and Sharing Center

To create a mobile operator WWAN profile, do the following:

  1. If your mobile operator provides a SIM, install it in the SIM slot in the battery bay. The location of the slot and the correct SIM orientation are indicated by the SIM icon.

  2. Click Start,

    All Programs, HP Connection Manager, and then HP Connection Manager.

  3. Select Tools, and then Profile Manager. The profile for the current mobile operator displays (the default name is My Profile).

  4. With the profile name selected, click Duplicate.

  5. Enter the name of the new mobile operator, click OK, and then click Edit.

  6. On the Connection Methods tab, click Wireless WAN, and then click Edit.

  7. Click the WWAN tab.

  8. If you have installed a SIM from the mobile operator:

    1. Select Automatically Detect from the Profile Selection list.

    2. Click OK, and then follow the on-screen instructions.


    If the mobile operator does not require a SIM or is not automatically detected:

    1. Select the name of the operator from the Provider list. If the name of the mobile operator is not listed, select one of the following:

      • Unlisted GSM (EMEA/APJ) for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asian Pacific, or Japan

      • GSM (Americas)

    2. Select the Override Settings check box.

    3. Enter the APN, Username, and Password provided your service provider.

    4. If appropriate, select the check boxes beside the login and roaming options.

      International roaming is not supported in India. For information about roaming, go to .

    5. If the service provider provides additional connection settings, select the appropriate settings tabs and enter the information.

    6. Click OK, and then click Save.

You should now be connected to your WWAN service.


Updating the software and drivers

HP periodically updates both HP Connection Manager software and drivers for the mobile broadband module. You can download and install the software and driver updates from the HP Web site as follows:

  1. Go to the HP web site at and select your country or region.

  2. Click Download drivers and software (and firmware), and then enter the product name for your computer.

  3. Select your operating system.

  4. Select Driver - Network, and then select the upgrade, if available, for the HP Mobile Broadband Module software and drivers. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the software and drivers.


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