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HP ProLiant Server - Amber External Health LED

ISSUE: External Health LED is amber.

When the health LED on the front panel illuminates either amber or red, the server is experiencing a health event.


When a server is showing an External Health LED amber light, it means that there is a problem with the power to the server, a sub system or a component.

To troubleshoot a system power failure, perform the following steps:
  1. Check if power supplies are connected.

  2. Check for Red LED on the power supply.

  3. Swap power supply with known good power supply or swap power supply into the other slot.

Possible System Power Resolutions:
  1. If the power supply AC power cord is disconnected, connect it.

  2. If power supply is connected and no RED or GREEN LED light is showing on the power supply, try connecting into another outlet.

  3. If the Red LED follows the power supply when swapping it into the other slot or a known good power supply works, change the bad power supply.

  4. If the Red LED stays on the power supply slot when swapping with a known good power supply, change the power supply backplane.

NOTE: Different combinations of system indicators with the Amber External Health LED can indicate problems with the following components.
  • Power Supply
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Fans
  • System Board

First use the ProLiant Server Maintenance and Service Guide for the specific model of server that has the error, to determine the exact failure indicated by the combination of the system Health LED, the system power LED, and the Systems Insight Display LED (if available on the server). Most of the newer models of HP ProLiant Servers (G5 and G6 models) have the System Health LED and other system troubleshooting indicators.

Click here to download a specfic model of the ProLiant Server Maintenance and Service Guide, located on the HP Business Support Center web site .

Once the exact failure indicated by the combination of system LEDs has been determined, use the ProLiant Server Troubleshooting Guide to isolate the cause of the Amber External Health LED.

Click here to download the HP ProLiant Server Troubleshooting Guide .

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