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HP c8000 Workstation - Discontinuance Notice

Please be advised that the Hewlett Packard Workstation group will be discontinuing the HP C8000 Workstation in December of 2007. The HP C8000 Workstation is replaced by a portfolio of high performance Personal Workstation products that deliver dramatic increases in compute and graphics performance at a lower price.

The key dates for the discontinuance of the HP C8000 Workstation and all upgrade components are as follows:
  • December 1, 2007 – Product discontinuance date (Products will be removed from the HP Corporate Price List). Orders will be fulfilled on a material available basis. HP will honor the standard 30 day grace period and accept orders through the end of December as material permits.

  • January 31, 2008 -- Last Shipments for all HP C8000 Workstations and Upgrade Components

  • December 31, 2012 – End of Support Life


For over 25 years the HP-UX workstations have offered engineers and OEMs a stable, reliable, high performance computing platform. These HP-UX workstations were first introduced in1982 and have received regular enhancement and performance upgrades. Over the last seven years, the industry has seen a dramatic shift toward industry standard Personal Workstations. At this time, more than 96% of global workstation sales are Personal Workstations. With this industry-wide volume shift, we can no longer secure the critical components needed to enhance or manufacture the PA-RISC workstations.

Transition to HP Personal Workstations:

We understand that this change may be disruptive so we would like to work with you to plan your EOL material requirements and implement a transition plan to a new workstation platform. We would like to propose two transition options for your workstation strategy:
  • If you are ready to move to either a 32-bit or 64-bit Linux or Microsoft Windows environment, we have leading edge workstations based on Intel and AMD architectures. Your HP Sales Representative can help you plan and find the assistance you need to manage this transition.

  • Remain on HP-UX: HP will continue to enhance the HP-UX operating system for HP Integrity (Itanium) servers. Please contact your application providers to determine whether your required applications are supported on HP-UX Integrity servers.

You are a valued HP customer and we are committed to your success. We want to be the resource you turn to for transition assistance. Your local sales representative is ready to assist when you are prepared to discuss transition plans.

RECEIVE PROACTIVE UPDATES: Receive support alerts (such as the document you are reading), as well as updates on drivers, software, firmware, and customer replaceable components, pro-actively via e-mail through HP Subscriber's Choice for your specific HP Workstation. Click here to sign up for Subscriber's Choice.

Byron Leon Packard

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