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HP Designjet Printers - Driver Install and Uninstall in Microsoft Windows Vista

This document describe's the process of uninstalling the driver when using Microsoft’s Windows Vista.

Before installing the driver you must have the file ready to install on the computer:

  1. Download the correct driver from the Designjet web site.

  2. Save the files to the desktop or other place on the hard drive.

  3. Create a folder and unzip the driver into it.

Once the driver’s file is placed on your computer use the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

  1. Double click on the icon for the driver.

  2. Select run and unzip into a folder already created.

  3. Once the file is unzipped select the printer’s folder. Found by selecting Start , Control panel , Printer .

    1 - Add printer option

    Once inside the printers folder it is different to Microsoft Windows XP, Add printer can be found at the top. Once selected the standard install of the driver is done.

  4. Select a local or network printer to install.

  5. Under local select which port.

  6. If the network is selected you must select TCP/IP device , and then also know the IP address. If the network is large, do not use auto-detect, it may well take too long.

  7. Select Have disk and browse to the unzipped driver that has previously been downloaded.

  8. Once the file is selected, a list of supported drivers for that download will appear, select the correct printer and select Next .

  9. You will then be asked to select a name for the driver, and also a tick box to set as a default. Once done select Next . The printer will then install on the PC.

  10. You will then be given an option to print test page.

  11. The driver is now installed and will appear with the other printers that are also on the system.

Above the printer name you will see the following task bar appear once the driver has been highlighted. For Microsoft Windows Vista you don’t have to right click and select printer properties or printing preferences like you did with Microsoft Windows XP. This can now be done from within the printer’s folder.

This is where the printer is also deleted.

Uninstalling a Designjet printer

  1. First highlight the driver to be deleted.

  2. At the top of the screen select the icon to delete the printer. This will only remove the icon from the printer folders.

  3. Then select the Organize tab and the following menu will appear.

  4. Under the Organize tab select the folder and search options, this will then bring up another box, select the View tab. Under files and folders put a tick in the box for 'Always show Menus'. Click Apply and then OK .

  5. Above the Organize button the Standard buttons will now appear.

    1 - Menu bar
  6. Select File , Server Properties , Drivers tab and then delete the driver you want to remove.

  7. Once the driver is deleted, the PC must be restarted before a new driver can be installed. If during any part of this install or uninstall, the actions cannot be performed, it may be caused by insufficient rights to do so. In this case they should consult their local IT department.

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