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HP Scanjet 4500c, 4570c, 5500c, 5530, 5550c, and 5590 Series Scanners - A TMA Position Error Displays When Scanning Negatives or Slides


The following error message displays on the computer when scanning negatives or slides using the Transparent Materials Adapter (TMA):

hp scanning

Ensure that your TMA is connected securely and positioned correctly. If you have a positioning plate, match the reference mark on the plate to the reference mark on the scanner and try the scan again. See your user’s manual or electronic help for more information about setting up your TMA.


The TMA lamp is on

  1. Verify that the TMA cable is connected securely to the TMA port on the back of the scanner.

  2. Turn the TMA 180 degrees. For example, if the TMA cable comes out of the TMA on the left side, turn the TMA so that the cable comes out on the right side.

    NOTE: The orientation of the template does not affect the ability to scan with the TMA. There might be an arrow at one corner of the template and a matching arrow at one corner of the scanner bed. The template should be placed so that the arrows meet at one corner so that the TMA cable has the best fit in the template.

The TMA lamp is off

If the lamp does not light up when the error message is displayed, the TMA lamp might be burned out. The TMA lamp is not a serviceable part. Service the Transperant Material Adapter (TMA).


This error is caused if the TMA is not in the correct position on the scanner glass or if the TMA lamp is burned out.

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