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ADVISORY: Unexpected reset of HP StorageWorks Fibre Channel HDD on HP StorageWorks 4000/4100/6000/6100/8000/8100 Enterprise Virtual Arrays


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ADVISORY: Unexpected reset of HP StorageWorks Fibre Channel HDD on HP StorageWorks 4000/4100/6000/6100/8000/8100 Enterprise Virtual Arrays
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Release Date: 2008-02-29

Last Updated: 2008-03-19


The action of inserting and removing a disk drive from a disk enclosure can cause HP StorageWorks Fibre Channel disk drive models BF0725A692 and BF1465A693 to undergo a firmware reset. This can happen when these drives are running firmware version HP03 and are in the same enclosure where another drive is inserted or removed. This behavior is most evident on these models when they are located either in the first or within the first few occupied slots of an enclosure.

During the time the drive is undergoing the reset, it reports SCSI Not Ready conditions to the EVA controllers. These events are visible in the EVA controller event logs. There are typically no other side effects; however, systems under high workload have a greater chance of seeing this or similar issues. The disk drive could be shown as momentarily missing or single-ported on the dual fibre channel loops or, in rare circumstances, be prematurely failed by the controller software.

This internal reset behavior has been identified as an incorrect firmware action and does not indicate any hardware issues with the affected models.


Only HP Storage Works Fibre Channel disk drive model numbers BF0725A692 and BF1465A693, running HDD firmware version HP03, are affected. No additional drive models are known to exhibit this same behavior.


Updated HDD firmware, HP04, for the HP Storage Works Fibre Channel HDD model numbers BF0725A692 and BF1465A693 corrects this behavior.

HP04 is included in the Bundled Image file (version v2007_12 13 Dec 2007). Download the HP StorageWorks EVA HDD Firmware Bundled Image from the following URL:

Click HP StorageWorks EVA Hard Disk Drive Bundle, and then click Cross operating system (BIOS, Firmware, Diagnostics, etc.).


Short-term workarounds include being aware of the presence of these drive models, in the first occupied slots of an enclosure, when inserting or removing disk drives. Minimizing or halting EVA workload has been identified as a way to lessen the impact of this behavior during disk drive insertion and removal operations.

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Hardware Platforms Affected: HP StorageWorks 4100 Enterprise Virtual Array, HP StorageWorks EVA4100 Starter Kit(Standard HP Product), HP StorageWorks EVA4100/6100/8100 Disk Arrays(Standard HP Product), HP 146GB FC 15K EVA BF1465A693 Hard Disk Drive(Standard HP Product), HP StorageWorks 6100 Enterprise Virtual Array, HP StorageWorks 8100 Enterprise Virtual Array, HP StorageWorks EVA4100 SAN Starter Kit(Standard HP Product), HP 72GB FC 15K EVA BF0725A692 Hard Disk Drive(Standard HP Product)
Components Affected: Not Applicable
Operating Systems Affected: Not Applicable
Software Affected: Not Applicable
Third Party Products Affected: Not Applicable
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