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HP Compaq dc7700 Desktop PC Series - Exclamation Mark on Intel Management Engine Interface in Device Manager


An exclamation mark is seen over the Intel Management Engine Interface in Device Manager, even after installing the latest HECI Driver from the HP website.


In order to get rid of the exclamation mark over Intel Management Engine Interface in the Device Manager, the MEBx BIOS must be enabled.

To enter the Management Engine BIOS, use the CTRL+P key combination. Then complete the following steps:

  1. Enter the BIOS by using the default password, which is admin .

  2. To make changes in the BIOS, change the default password.

    NOTE: A complex password consisting a combination of numbers, special characters, and capital letters is recommended. For example: S3aL!On5 .
  3. Choose Intel ME Configuration , and press Enter .

  4. Select y when prompted to reset the system configuration.

  5. Choose Intel ME State Control , and then select Enabled .

    Default Setting = Enabled ; Recommended Setting = Enabled

    This option enables or disables the ME, and is used for diagnostic purposes. If there is an issue that affects the ME, it can be removed from the system to eliminate it from the suspect list until root cause is found.

    NOTE: If the ME is disabled, then all AMT and ASF functions are also disabled. The system will not be remotely manageable.
  6. Save changes and Exit .

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